How does Peppol e-invoicing Work


There are many companies that have been using peppol e-invoicing as a way to simplify their e-procurement.  It is easy to find success stories from the internet that shows the real advantages of the peppol solution for most of these companies.

In fact, dozens of governments from around the world have mandated the adoption of public and private bodies. Streamlined and better electronic procurement is the main objective since it can open opportunities to get involved with the global market.

The e-invoices have been responsible for the time and costs sayings that many entities have taken benefits from. Whether the government in your country has mandated the businesses in your area, or you want to open a great opportunity for your company to go international, it is the right time to embrace the peppol go now to your existing solution. But how to do that?

Before going further, let’s cover the bases first.

Baselining Peppol meaning

European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) The European Commission set up the network as a pilot project in 2008.

Through the extremely secure and safe worldwide network of PEPPOL, organizations may now exchange business papers in various electronic forms.

The Peppol network is like a telephone network for bills. When someone sends you a text message, you may identify them by their phone number.

In the peppol e-invoicing, ones will be identified with their Peppol ID. To exchange the documents in the particular network, you will need to attain the Peppol ID first for your company. After having this particular ID, you will be able to send and receive business documents from and to companies and government entities across the globe.

The reason of using the peppol network

As a result of the PEPPOL network, there has been an increase in the number of requests for electronic invoicing. Many formal bodies prefer to use this network rather than issuing bills to their customers. If you are aligned to these milestones, reaching out to the peppol access point providers will be the first thing to do to participate in the network.

Because each user has a unique ID, the Peppol network is able to detect and process every transaction in a timely manner. That means only the members of the network that are able to attain the advantages of the framework of peppol go.

To answer government worries about security, electronic invoicing is becoming increasingly common. Many European vendors’ business models have been made obsolete as a result of electronic invoicing (as of April 2019).

Peppol IDs allow invoices to be filed as well as seen by the recipient. Continue reading for further details.

Peppol ID definition

The Peppol ID is the number which identifies the particular bodies. For instance, when you are sending the particular business documents to your business partners in another location, you will need to share your ID as your identification. Your recipient will also need to provide their ID so that your ERP can send the procurement to the right target.

In the Peppol go id, there are some numbers inside the ID such as VAT, commerce number, as well as the bank account number.

The number of the government entity will be different from the private entity.

A unique identifying number assigned to a certain government agency.

This type of error may be avoided by making certain that there are no further disputes regarding the identities of the bill’s sender and receiver. As a result, ghost invoices and typos are no longer a subject of concern

How do peppol invoice?

It is a set of standards that a service provider, like Pacific Trade, that the participants must follow. Users can share documents with PEPPOL-compliant suppliers. But that also works vice versa in the view of the suppliers.  These tasks are made through PEPPOL Certified Access Points within the particular network.

Documents are transmitted between PEPPOL Access Points according to PEPPOL standards. Aside from these interactions, papers may not be used for virtually anything. Some companies even leave their paper invoices forever and embrace the electronic invoices instead. Contact Galaxy GW or another authorized access point to convert these papers between your chosen format and the PEPPOL standard.

Sharing content using PEPPOL minimizes the risk of mistakes and the time spent transferring content.

To join with the peppol go, you will need to register your company to the peppol access point providers Galaxy GW. Then you will grant an ID which you can share with your partners in order to exchange the important documents and files through the secure network.

Let’s say if you are positioning as a supplier. You will need to connect to a certified access point provided by Galaxy GW.

Then after connecting, you will grant an ID which you can use to communicate with your partner. You and your team will create an invoice in your existing ERP system or other solution software. The invoices or other documents will be sent through the Galaxy GW peppol access point network.

Your recipient will receive the invoices or other procurement documents in real time. In no time, they will process it and make a payment. There is no waiting time, there is no error, and there is no complicated bureaucracy that you need to worry about to hinder your cross-border transactions.

Connecting to the Peppol Network

So, how can you connect to the solution? There are two ways to do this. As mentioned, you will need to connect to the peppol access point in order to join with the network.

The first way is to become a provider of access points yourself. But it will cost a lot of money to do this. You will also need to do some paperworks with the risks of rejection from the authority.

Or, the second way is much easier. You can join the network by using the available peppol services offered by the trustworthy supplier.

Connect to the trustworth AP provider called Galaxy GW. Contact the representative of the provider if you have no idea how to do it.

The access points will work as the bridge between you and your recipients, and vice versa. In this case, Galaxy GW will help you to connect to the network where you can conduct e-invoicing and other electronic procurement.

Contact the particular company for further information about peppol go.


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