How has Covid-19 affected how we Smoke, Grow, and Purchase Cannabis


Since the Covid-19 virus spread all over the world it seems to have changed everything we do. Most of us have been forced to work from home since early 2020 and we are advised only to leave the house for essential items. Everything like going to the gym, eating out at our favorite restaurant, and even popping by to our local dispensary to pick up some marijuana products is different than it once used to be. 

If you don’t wear a facemask, most cannabis stores won’t allow you access to the building. Most dispensaries have enforced strict Covid-19 regulations. They place stickers on the floors to help customers and employees practice social distancing. During the early parts of 2020, many dispensaries around the United States and Canada were forced to shut the doors temporarily to allow experts time to get a better understanding of the deadly virus and to help reduce it from spreading. 

Although most marijuana stores remain open, especially each dispensary in Canada and in America, the majority of people opt to purchase their weed online, from the comfort of their own home. This way, cannabis gets delivered to their door without having to step one foot outside.

Why are so many People Growing from Home During the Pandemic?

The sales of cannabis growing equipment have increased massively since the start of the pandemic. Both online and traditional grow stores have seen a major increase in the demand for  LED lights, top-quality cannabis seeds, tents, pots, etc. Here are a few reasons why so many people are hopping on the growing marijuana bandwagon. 

  • A new skill: Most of us have discovered we have plenty of free time on our hands during the ongoing pandemic. Although the easy option would be to spend each day watching video clips on YouTube or ‘happy scrolling’ on social media sites, others have decided to use their free time to be more productive. Some have decided to learn how to play a new instrument, others have worked on some new online courses to help further their education, while others have decided how to learn how to grow cannabis. Just like buying marijuana, you can easily purchase cannabis growing equipment online.
  • Save money: Due to experts advising us to stay at home, people are consuming a lot more cannabis than normal. In fact, plenty of cannabis advocates claim now is the time to legalize cannabis in every state in America to help promote the idea of staying at home. The main issue people find when using too much cannabis is that it can burn a hole in their wallet. Buying cannabis on a regular basis can add up, and end up costing you a small fortune. To help save money, plenty of people now grow their own cannabis. Although the initial cost of the growing equipment might cost you a pretty penny, down the line you will probably save a lot of money. You can easily reuse the same grow equipment over and over again. 
  • Time is on their side: Before the pandemic, many of us felt there were not enough hours in the day. Commuting to and from work, dropping the kids at school, trying to fit in an exercise session, etc. That has all changed since the pandemic. We have time to feed the plants, more time to study each strain, and what soil and nutrients should be used. 

Nowadays, due to modern technology, there is a large amount of content published online to help novice growers understand how to grow quality cannabis. 

How has the Pandemic changed the way we Smoke Cannabis?

It seems that wherever you go in the world, it differs how people smoke marijuana. One of the best-known ways to consume the substance is through a joint. Although some people like to add tobacco others just use marijuana. 

The joint is rolled with rolling papers, and there are plenty of different rolling papers on the market that are specifically designed for making weed joints. Unlike traditional tobacco rolling papers, marijuana papers tend to be longer. The idea behind this is that joints are there to be shared in most cultures. As the famous song goes “pass the Dutchie to the left-hand side. The singers are referencing passing a joint to the person to the left of you. Holland is one of the most well-known countries for its relaxed laws on the consumption and sale of legal marijuana products in the world, and this is how people share joints in the country. 

However, the problem people face during the pandemic is that they should not share joints at all. Passing a joint to one another is an easy way to contract the virus and experts strongly advise that people avoid this method at all costs. 

What are the best things about Shopping for Pot Online?

Although most of us like visiting our local dispensary, shopping for cannabis products online has become a much more popular option during the pandemic. Plenty of dispensaries like Canna Cabana have online stores and a physical store so the customer have the choice. Here are some of the benefits when shopping online for cannabis products:

  • A large variety: Often online stores have lots more choices than physical stores. If you are looking for a specific strain of cannabis that contains a specific amount of THC, you will probably find it online. 
  • Take your time when deciding what type of cannabis you want: When shopping from your home, there is nobody trying to sell you a specific type of cannabis. Although most employees at dispensaries are friendly and relaxed, others tend to force you to purchase products that you don’t want to. If you are purchasing online, you can take as much time and do as much research as you want when deciding what strain or product you want to buy. 
  • Avoid contact with others: During the pandemic, you want to limit the number of people you come into physical contact with. Shopping online is by far a much safer option. Plus, you can avoid making small chat with fellow customers or employees at the store too. 
  • Discreet: Not everybody wants the world to know that they use cannabis products. To help avoid getting noticed at your local dispensary, shopping online allows you to remain anonymous. Plus, most online marijuana stores don’t use packaging that stands out. The packaging is normally discreet so your noisy neighbors won’t know what you are up to. 

There are a few downsides to shopping online. If you want your cannabis immediately, you will have to go to your local dispensary. If you want to have a look and smell the cannabis before you purchase it, this won’t be possible online. Although they will give you a well-detailed description of the product, most people like to examine the product before they purchase it. Also, going to the dispensary can be good fun. You often meet like-minded people there and the employees are normally in good spirits!


It’s hard to predict what the future has in store for us, especially on what to expect after the pandemic. Will people still search for their favorite strain online or will dispensaries see lots of customers returning through their doors again? Will the Dutch continue sharing their joints and will the number of people growing cannabis continue?


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