How KIDS Center Helps Families Heal


KIDS Center’s family-friendly approach helps children and families heal from the devastating effects of child abuse.

As the region’s only Children’s Advocacy Center, KIDS Center serves as a hub for children and families impacted by abuse. KIDS Center provides a safe, reassuring space for the hundreds of children referred each year for suspected abuse. At KIDS Center, children receive a comprehensive child abuse evaluation, which includes a forensic interview and head-to-toe medical examination. Children and families can meet with a therapist the same day and continue therapy for as long as they need it. The family also receives resources, guidance and support from a family advocate. All of KIDS Center’s services are free for families. By providing these services under one roof, KIDS Center makes it easier for families to get the help they need and begin the healing process.

KIDS Center serves as a connecting point for community partners such as law enforcement and child welfare. Community partners come to KIDS Center to reduce the stress and burden on families. This approach drastically reduces the number of times a child is required to share their story, which protects them from additional trauma.

When you support KIDS Center, you help support families in their most challenging time. And you give a child the chance to hope, heal and reclaim their future.

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