How Safe Are Your Deposits?


(Cameronne Mosher)

In a recent article in CBN we asked local bankers to weigh in the current state of the banking industry, we unfortunately omitted Cameronne Mosher’s response. They follow here. We regret the error.

Cameronne Mosher
Bend, Oregon Market President
First Interstate bank

Considering the recent bank failures, what is your bank doing to manage your liquidity and overall investment strategies?

Our conservative management of the balance sheet, prudent risk management practices, and our diversified and strong liquidity profile are the backbone of our franchise. We steer away from volatile sectors of the market, such as sizeable relationships in Crypto or venture capital, and focus on the long-term health and stability of our franchise.

Our liquidity profile is strong, with around a 1.7 times coverage of our uninsured deposits.  Our Capital ratios all exceed well-capitalized ratios.

Has the current interest rate environment and banking news changed your approach to lending or working with clients?

Our approach to service and lending has remained steady. We continue to focus on growing our institution and building long-term, full-service client relationships. Our team stands ready and willing to support our communities and clients who are navigating this environment.

What advice do you give to anyone concerned about their bank deposits or overall banking relationship?

The most important first step a client can take is to connect with a bank and banker they trust—someone who understands their unique goals, challenges, and situation. As a relationship-focused institution, we train our team members to build these relationships, to actively listen to our clients’ needs, and provide solutions. Ensure you are working with a banker who advocates for you and has your best interests at heart.

It’s also wise to ensure that the bank or financial institution holding your deposits is FDIC-insured. First Interstate is an FDIC-insured institution, and we work actively with our clients to maximize their FDIC insurance coverage, in addition to providing products with insurance coverage that exceed FDIC coverage.

Any additional comments you’d like to add?

Since our inception in 1968, First Interstate’s mission has always focused on meeting the needs of our clients and the communities we serve. As a community bank, much of our continued growth and success is due to our conservative risk management practices, a diverse, granular deposit franchise, strong liquidity, asset quality and capital positions. We are focused on long-term success for our clients and our Company, and don’t make decisions that only provide short-term benefits.  In short, we do things right on a regular basis so we’re able to successfully help our clients through times like these. If you’d like to read more about our financial strength and stability, I invite you to review our most recent earnings release and Form 10-K located at


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