How Startups Can Benefit from Video Conferencing


The first stages of a startup can be an exercise in how far you can stretch that penny. There are so many different needs to be met, including some that you may never have planned. For a small new company competing in a global marketplace, there are tools that can provide you with all the advantages of a large company infrastructure on a startups shoestring budget. Learning how to use cloud-based video conferencing from Blue Jeanscan save your travel budget, not to mention save all the time you would otherwise spend getting there and back.

Cloudy Days
It seems like everything to do with business is moving into the cloud. Storage capacity, applications such as productivity suites and accounting software, and other enterprise-level amenities are now available to small businesses and individuals, whereas previously they were restricted to large companies with large budgets, and large resources. Not all that long ago videoconferencing was an enterprise level perk. The expensive, resource-intensive videoconferencing room and equipment meant that relatively few businesses could afford this perk. In fact some systems cost as much as purchasing, maintaining, and gassing a company car. In addition, Inc. magazine notes –for eco-conscious startups– that video conferencing reduces the impact of travel on the environment.

For startups that often do not even have a lease for office space, using every tool you can to your advantage increases the likelihood of your businesses survival. Even if your travel budget is limited to the occasional rental car or short distance plane ticket, you can still travel the world with online video conferencing from Blue Jeans Network.

Even better you can do this from the comfort of your own home, the coffee shop down the street, or even the airport’s departure lounge. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, or even just a laptop and webcam, you can participate in fully featured video conference meeting without resorting to third-party applications for content sharing or in meeting chats.

Getting In
It’s not just getting yourself on board with videoconferencing, but bringing your clients and potential clients into video conferencing as well. As Computer Weekly notes, video conferencing is not widespread; for the most part those who adopt video conferencing are those who are already conversant and comfortable with using this kind of technology. Such people are most often Millennials or part of a “digital native” generation; due to very young age and increasing age at which those in senior positions retire, there may be a digital generation gap regarding the adoption not only of videoconferencing, but cloud technology as a whole.

Encouraging your clients and staff adopt video conferencing as a primary rather than secondary meeting protocol may take some work. Fortunately cloud-based technologies rely on simple interfaces in order to facilitate the most efficient communication, even in the case of video conferencing medical care according to NPR. Resistance may also come from those who hold and operate different systems and are concerned that cloud-based technology may not be secure or compatible with their current equipment.

Making the case forBlue Jeansvideo conferencing is as easy as getting them to visit the website and to try it out for themselves. Intuitive interfaces and user friendly features mean that users can engage with the application and without needing an intermediary or even an entire IT department.

Taking Off
Along with facilitating meetings with potential clients and customers, video conferencing can help you stay in touch with your staff. Even when one party is on the road, or at a remote location, video conferencing offers you a way to have valuable face time with staff even when you are separated by distance. With the additional features of being able to share content, have side chats, record proceedings and more, you can keep track of all of your meeting and so can your staff. Instead of finishing a meeting and then spending time in transit where valuable insights and ideas can be lost, you’ll be able to go directly from meeting to initiating the actions discussed.

As a startup, you have the unique opportunity to create a corporate culture that will encourage, innovation, productivity, and enthusiasm instead of orthodoxy, stagnation, and alienation. Keeping your workforce engaged at all levels means that some of your most passionate and innovative employees will be able to contribute instead of being stressed and alienated by a toxic meeting culture. Focusing on streamlining processes to meet the needs of your workforce instead of hammering your employees into procedures that are restrictive and at times counterproductive, can free up time and resources that are devoted to growing the business past the startup stage.

By creating a culture of engagement and positive enforcement, even when it’s just you, you can create a healthy company atmosphere that will foster loyalty, passion and innovation.


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