How to Determine the Quality of a Logo


Brand memorability and how potential customers will react to the company depend on the brand style. One of the main elements is the logo. It can be seen both on the official website of the organization and other resources. Although a professional designer creates the logo, the visual aspect is not the main thing that needs to be considered while making it. For the best logos to be remembered and to increase business performance, it is necessary to work out everything to the smallest detail. Learn more about how to determine the quality of a logo in this article.


The main thing that makes a logo memorable is its originality. If it is unlike others, then the company cannot be confused with competitors; it will not get lost among hundreds of similar offers.

But the fact that a logo has to be unique does not mean that logo design firms cannot be inspired by other works. On the contrary, it is essential to raise your observation and study successful cases, as this will allow you to find something unique that will help improve your brand name.

You can find examples of logos at:

  • Logo Pond. This is a massive gallery of logos from all over the world. You can share your work and rate your colleagues’ portfolios.
  • Logo Gala. On this website, you can filter logos by color.
  • Logospire. This resource is convenient because there are ratings. Therefore, users see the logos with the highest rating first.

You can check whether your logo is original or not in a couple of minutes. For this, you need to use the Google Image page and click on the camera icon. Then upload the logo, and the search system will show similar pictures.


You don’t have to add many elements to create a unique logo. Simple images that are not overloaded with details are much better to remember. It is easy to understand if a logo meets this criterion. It would help if you tried to draw it by hand in 10 seconds. If it works, then it is decently simple.

If you want to create a simple logo, it is better to understand what message needs to be interpreted by the image while making the sketch. You cannot overload it with meanings and several ideas to the audience at once.

Simplicity is also essential while choosing a color scheme. It is better not to use more than three colors, but the Adobe Color service will help make it clear if combined.

But it would help if you didn’t overdo it with simplicity. Otherwise, the logo will seem dull and will not be remembered by customers.

Examples of simple logos include abstract brand names that are not referred to in a specific form. These include the logo of Nike and Pepsi.


The logo must look good on any device. These days, companies have websites and mobile apps, so you need to check how the picture looks on a smartphone. It is better to see if the logo adapts to different display diagonals; otherwise, it will not look the way it was originally created on some devices.


The elements of the logo should look balanced together. Don’t add details that don’t fit together.

Not only should the logo itself look good, but also its combination with other elements of the form style. Using the same font and color will help you achieve this.


Logos haven’t changed in years. Some brands manage to create an image that looks modern after decades, while others have a brand name that becomes obsolete after 5-6 years. 

The main reason is that many corporations whose logos quickly become irrelevant are following changing trends. As a result, trends become obsolete, and the company itself soon begins to be outdated too.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to follow top logo design trends at all. It is better to study trends and be inspired by new, unusual ideas. Sometimes industry portals publish design trend reviews. The most popular ones are LogoLounge by Bill Gardner and 99designs.

Readable font

If a font in the logo is used, it is also essential to keep it simple since a person who does not understand what they want to convey to him will not be interested in the company. To make sure you have a readable font, test it on devices with small displays. It is not recommended to use more than two styles.

While choosing a font, it is essential to find the option that suits the company itself. For example, handwritten lettering is associated with creativity and serifs with elegance.

Summing up

The logo is one of the main elements of any brand. Since people always remember a logo, it is essential to take care of its design. While logo design trends are constantly changing, the basic principles of simplicity and originality remain the same.


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