How to Help New Employees Succeed on the Job


The first day on the job can be incredibly daunting for anyone. There’s a lot to take in and try to remember, many people to meet, and new processes to acquaint yourself with.

Making the onboarding process and those first few weeks feel like less of a hassle can go a long way with employee retention.

Go Digital

Investing in onboarding software is key to many facets of the onboarding process. This software collects vital information about your employee and disseminates it where it needs to go in terms of payroll and administrative tasks.

Many initial days of employment are spent filling out paperwork, which can be tedious for someone who is eager to get right down to the job at hand.

Use onboarding software to give your new hire access to important documentation for things such as banking details, withholdings, important addresses, and emergency contacts. Filling this out ahead of their start date will make that first day seem less dull.

It will also help internally, as the information will be collected and put in place where needed when it comes to enacting benefits and sending paychecks.

Give Information Beforehand

Software can also send new hires important packets of information like healthcare and retirement benefits. This can be many pages of jargon that will need time to go over.

Letting an employee have access to this ahead of time to peruse at their leisure will show them you value the time they have on the clock, and would prefer it be used for more productive tasks.

Send A Gift

You might also want to establish a personal touchpoint with your new employee before they even walk through the doors.

This could be a small gift or care package sent to their home a week ahead of their start date, which can also include a list of materials they will need to start them off on the right foot on their first day.

This shows that they are more than just another worker bee, and are valuable to you and the company at large.

Make The Early Days Social

Rapid officer tours with awkward introductions may feel efficient, but they don’t do much in the way of making your employee feel welcome.

Set up an office lunch on their first day, or have a clear outline of people to send them to in half-hour increments so they can get to know those they will work closely with better.

Start a group chat in the company’s direct messaging system where everyone introduces themselves, or provide your new hire with a roster of those on the team so they can read about them and know them better.

Forging these bonds early on will make them feel more comfortable, and set them up for long-term success and retention.

Offer the Right Tools Immediately

Set up their workspace with the things that are integral to their job, from technical equipment to things as small as a box of thumbtacks.

Offering ample tools to get the job done will make them feel confident in their position.


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