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Even a cursory glance at the professional services sector shows that many AI consulting companies on the market seem very similar, both in terms of offer and competencies. However, if you need to use the services of such a company, you are faced with a real dilemma. How can you choose the best partner? You may wonder if there are any criteria that will help you make a successful choice. In the article below, we will try to describe what elements are worth paying attention to when browsing the market for an AI consulting company.

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Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the dominant technology trend today. According to data from Fortune Business Insights, the size of the artificial intelligence market was valued at over 27 billion USD in 2019. It is predicted that by 2027, this figure will reach almost 267 billion USD, which is almost a tenfold increase in just eight years. In 2015, only 10% of organizations reported that they were either already using artificial intelligence or would be doing so shortly. In 2019, that number rose to 37% and continues to grow ever since.

If you and your company do not intend to fall behind the competition and want to implement solutions related to artificial intelligence, you are faced with a difficult choice of an AI consultant. Whether you are looking for a consulting company to help in the implementation of a specific project, or you care about long-term cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, you should choose the right partner who will understand your needs and whom you can trust.

What does the AI consulting company do?

Consulting, in its traditional sense, is defined as an advisory service in a given area of business. It fills a market gap when a company needs particular expertise for a specific task or project. AI consultants can use their skills and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence to identify critical areas of improvement in your business. Consultants also frequently advise on the operational level: Primarily concerning the improvement of ongoing processes to obtain the best possible results.

The adviser, however, cannot limit themselves to preparing a recommendation “on paper”. A responsible consultant also helps with the implementation of the plan by actively participating in its execution. Now, the following tips will help you hire a reliable AI consultant, thanks to whom, you will effectively introduce new technology based on artificial intelligence to your enterprise and develop business.

Hire the right AI consulting company

AI consulting services are offered by both dynamically developing start-ups and giants known around the world. There are numerous companies to pick from, so to make an informed and sound decision, it is worth paying attention to several elements:


Usually, when looking for a solution provider, the client does not yet know what tools or methods are necessary to solve their problem. For this reason, if possible, it is worth looking for a service provider who has experience in using various solutions. On the other hand, domain knowledge and proficiency in technologies related to artificial intelligence are nothing when the company lacks a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and focuses on achieving the effect.

It’s always a good idea to hire a consultant who understands your project’s business implications. You need a partner who will clearly present you with a budgeting proposal, thought-out plan, and solution architecture, knowing what the implementation of AI solutions looks like on a large scale.


Regardless of the number of certificates and areas of expertise that the given consulting service provider has in their portfolio, it is essential to verify their experience. When you’re looking for an AI consultant, you need something more than just a typical data analyst. For instance, an important skill worth verifying is the ability to transfer experiences between industries. This possibility allows you to use the knowledge coming from other areas of business that are, perhaps, more developed today. In many instances, it is possible to use solutions that worked there and try them in your niche. Therefore, the AI consulting company of your choice should be able to showcase activity in various industries.

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A consulting company dealing with artificial intelligence should provide your company with adequate resources to maintain and scale the implemented technological solutions. Most likely, this will include:

  • Training and explaining diverse mechanisms of AI that will enable maintenance and, if necessary, further development of solutions provided by the consultant
  • Giving access to data infrastructure
  • Providing login credentials and a visual data architecture map to help you understand how the AI system works in general


A good consulting company does not have to be large, but it should employ outstanding professionals and have a network of international contacts. This allows us to assume that they will refer to their partners’ experiences should the need arise. Such partners should include foreign consulting and training companies, as well as accreditation and standardization bodies. Apart from the extent of the contacts, it is also worth taking a closer look at their depth and intensity. It would be good if, for example, your AI consultant participated in the activities of the standardization body and influenced the shape of new services, methodologies, or standards.

This brief overview of the criteria of a worthy AI consulting firm is not, of course, complete. Depending on the specific need, the features listed here may have different weights, but they are certainly worth considering. We especially recommend looking for a company with a developed project implementation process that will increase the likelihood of the success of your endeavors. Before you start your search, though, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our AI consulting services offer. The Addepto team is an international group of specialists who will help you implement solutions based on artificial intelligence and improve your business results. So contact us today, tell us about your project, and get a free quote.


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