How to Improve the Service Delivery Standard of Your Business



The standard of services you provide plays a major role in the image of your business as well as its success. It is the reason why names like The Ritz are recognized the world over. When you offer great service, it builds your reputation in ways that no amount of advertising can.

Amidst the rigors of running your business, facing competition, and pursuing growth, the quality of your service may wane. It is often not intentional, complacency leads to small acts of negligence that eventually pile up. Before you know it, clients are complaining and your bottom line is thinning.

So, how can you transform your service delivery from ‘poor’ or ‘average’ to ‘highly recommended’? Here are some pointers to ponder on.

Aim For Short Turnaround Times

Lately, it seems as though patience has been relegated further down on the virtue list in the world of service delivery. Consumer and B2B relationships are built on the promise that orders will be honored fast and on time. If the wait times at your business are long, your clients will probably find alternatives that deliver what they need quicker.

With this in mind, it would be best to streamline your operations to facilitate fast turnaround times. One way to do this is by automating your processes. Consider investing in gadgets that can perform tasks fast and with precision. For example, if you have to stack products during packaging, you can use a pick and place SCARA robot arm. Such technology also frees up your staff to handle other duties.

Responses to inquiries and complaints should equally be addressed expediently. When they are delayed or worse, not attended to at all, it inconveniences clients and robs you of business opportunities.

Be More Adaptive to the Market

The hallmark of good service delivery is customer satisfaction. That said, the needs of customers are constantly evolving through different seasons and world events. Practices that may have been ideal at the beginning of the year may not be suitable at present. It is therefore vital that your services are adaptive to such changes.

Take, for example, the impact of the Coronavirus. People all over the world are now keen on safeguarding themselves and their loved ones. If you neglect to implement health safety guidelines, even loyal customers will likely stay away. They may further be hard-pressed to do business with you if they cannot reach you on online platforms. Suffice to say that, rigidity is simply not an option.

Offer Bespoke Packages

You could adapt your business functions as much as possible but tastes are as vast as the day is long. There will always be customers with unique needs and the only way you can meet them is through customized plans. It is much better than turning them away and losing business to your competitors.

Bespoke packages can be tailored as premium services billed at higher rates. You can also stipulate special timelines for orders and delivery. However, be upfront with your customers on what you can provide. If their needs exceed your business capabilities, be forthcoming about that.

Training of Employees

You may have the best ideas on how to attend to clients but it is your staff that holds it all together. They are the ones tasked with the most important part of it all: implementation. If they are not diligent about maintaining your standards, all your ideas will count for naught. It may equally be a challenge if they are not properly trained for the kind of standards you expect.

Interactive training sessions are a great way to help staff brush up on their skills and also understand your vision. Take time to engage them, hear their ideas, and address any concerns that they may have. It will create more harmony within the ranks and possibly improve their performance. People generally do better when they feel heard and their input is valued.

Pay Attention to Customer Feedback


The focus of all your efforts in running a business is the customer. When they are content with what you have to offer, they will not only return for more but also recommend you to others. You will be surprised at how impactful word of mouth referrals can be to your business.

In light of this, pay keen attention to the feedback your consumers give you. There is no amount of research or surveys that can be as effective as hearing directly from people that interact with your business. Speaking of which, you will need to have open avenues of communication where customers can express themselves. Consider setting up social media pages for your business as alternatives to other channels such as email.

The manner in which you handle feedback is equally vital. Not all comments will be positive or expressed with kindness but endeavor to respond to them in a dignified way. If communication is not your strong suit, it may be best to hire a professional to handle it and brief you regularly.


In today’s world, one trending tweet about your service delivery is enough to destroy or elevate your business. Consumers are demanding higher standards than ever before and they are not hesitant to publicly voice their reviews. Nevertheless, as long as you keep working towards offering the best services you can, your efforts will not go unnoticed. The rewards will surely come.


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