How To Make Your Basic Rice Taste Better


Whether it be Chinese, Japanese, or a high-carb snack that you are seeking, you simply cannot go wrong with rice. Rice is actually a staple in many Oriental foods, as it can be served alongside just about anything. The only problem is that it is so easy, versatile, economical, and overall efficient that it oftentimes gets overused. It doesn’t matter how much you love rice, chicken, or even pizza, it would be hard to eat these foods seven days a week. That doesn’t mean that you can’t eat the same food every day of the week. You can! And, you can actually enjoy doing so by incorporating several different techniques to make them entirely different dishes. These techniques will not only make your rice look and taste different, but they’ll make it stand out.

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Toast That Rice

If you want to make your rice not only tastier but a bit on the nuttier side. That’s right, nutty! And, the best part is, you can do all of this without too many extra ingredients or time. You’ll likely have everything that you need right there in the kitchen. Toasting the rice ahead of time allows you to heat the exterior of the rice, preventing breakages and sealing in the natural starches in the process. To start all you have to do is heat a non-stick pan on the stove without using oil, butter, or grease. When the pan gets hot, throw in the rice. Monitor and stir occasionally and in just under half an hour or less, you’ll have what looks like pearly, browned rice.

Utilize An Instant Pot

If you want to make the best possible rice utilizing the least amount of effort possible, you simply cannot go wrong with an instant pot. In fact, if you’ve never used this oil-free rice in the instant pot method before, you are going to love it. It makes for an end dish that is fluffy and virtually foolproof. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this method makes in the overall taste Not only that, but it’ll make your clean up easier and quicker as well, as you’ll only be dealing with one pot.

Turn It Green

With just a few fresh herbs, you can turn your regular dish of rice into a vibrant and colorful pot of green goodness. This method is quick and simple, but it’ll infuse your rice with bright, earthy flavors that are just delicious. Some cooks like to incorporate flat-leaf parsley can cilantro along with onion and poblano while processing them in a food processor with a portion of cooking liquid. At the end of the day, there are a number of ways that you can go about turning your rice green with these ingredients, but it simply just comes down to cooking the mixture together. Whether you do it in a pot, pan, skillet, or instant pot, you’re going to end up with green rice that not only looks different and more exciting, but it’ll actually taste it. You’ll be able to taste and bask in the bright, earthy flavors.


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