How to manage money in Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency is a profitable trade when done in the correct manner. Similar to every trading venture, where a trade-plan is necessary, cryptocurrency also requires one to make money management efficient. Even though they are regarded as profitable, owing to its high leverage, the losses can be as substantial as the profits. In a few instances the losses can be higher than the initial investment. At other times the losses can be higher than expected and never to be recovered. Therefore, to manage money in cryptocurrency means to have appropriate trading practices. Having a money management plan is considered to be a valuable asset when managed strategically.

What is crypto money management?

Money management in Crypto trading is a financial strategy that directs the nature of investments that the trader is going to make in various cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrency is not similar to gambling where it is recommended for investors to invest more for gaining the lost amount. In cryptocurrency the opposite is applicable.

Money management is helpful for users to glide smoothly and not feel the pressure of trading in the financial markets. It also aids traders to determine where the investments have to be made, the volume of purchase to be made, and at what time should the purchase and investments be called off for the day.

Money management also teaches the trader tolerance and patience to survive in the financial market. It determines the risks and challenges that have to be undertaken to make particular trades and The returns and losses associated with it.

How is money managed in cryptocurrency?

To make profits from trading cryptocurrencies in the future you have to establish a rigid money management strategy on any trading platform such as cryptocurrencies

  • Establish a trade-plan

The foremost step is to establish a trading plan especially in the crypto markets which are highly volatile. It will help the trader to improve the consistency and profitability-scale of trading as well as to manage the risks in a better way. A trade plan has to be accompanied with an efficient trading strategy, the advantages of which are numerous. Establishing a trading plan and following it ardently is a significant strategy to manage money in cryptocurrency. It is advisable that you write down a trading strategy and stick to visiting whenever trading cryptocurrencies. The strategy should consist of coherent points of exit. Unless your strategy allows it, avoid altering the stop loss point in the expectation of recovery.

  • Setting the standards of risk

Another strategy of money management in cryptocurrency is establishing a risk tolerance. As a trader you need to set the tolerance of risk, as in, the amount of money which you can part with without affecting your trades in the future. It is crucial to set a standard because if you put too much money at stake then it can get worse when a trade goes bad. In the financial sector, this is defined as the variable degree in investment returns that a trader is ready to tolerate. The few factors that affect risk tolerance of traders are the time zone, the traders earning capability in the future, and the presence of supportive resources. The levels of risk tolerance are diverse. Firstly, the aggressive risk tolerance. Secondly, the moderate risk tolerance. Finally, the conservative risk tolerance.

Conclusion :

The  final step to manage money in cryptocurrency is establishing a threshold for pain. To establish a threshold for pain is to bear the losses when it is a bad day in the trading market. It is the point where you halt trading after encountering continuous losses. Therefore, after setting a strategy for trade and chalking out the risk levels, the trader must resist fighting back the market and instead go through the losses on a bad trading day. Traders have to encounter a bad trading day irrespective of them being a newbie or seasoned in the game. The hardest part of money management in crypto is self discipline. Rest of the entire process is easy and simple.


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