How to Market Your Tech Business in 2020


Are you contemplating running a tech startup soon? In that case, you have no choice than to familiarize yourself with the challenges of such a venture. First, you must consider the proximity to customers. Two, how will you access talent? How much travel can you make? These challenges are not exhaustive. After all, you also need to think about the marketing component. Marketing is essential since the environment is full of constant changes and evolution. Without marketing, your firm might soon disappear from your client’s minds and hearts. When that happens, death would be the inevitable ending.

#1 Creating a Responsive Website

A responsive website offers your tech startup the most effective marketing solution. Such sites create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. Furthermore, responsive websites consider the unique tastes and preferences of each group of clients. It’s worth mentioning that responsive websites only work well when you choose the domain well. The right domain name convinces clients that you are an authority. In selecting a domain name, be careful with the kind of extension you go for. Here, you would be justified in opting for a. tech extension, as it identifies you as a tech firm. Other extensions might not work too well.

#2 Invest in SSL Certificate

Tech firms, especially startups, must be wise with their choices here. The site deserves all the security features that assure clients and first-time visitors of their safety. The SSL certificate is vital for e-commerce sites. Without it, clients consider your site untrustworthy. When clients depart, you lose revenues since sales drop significantly. For this reason, be ready to pay whatever it takes to safeguard your website with an SSL certificate. The returns on this investment justify the money you spend on it. If you have multiple domains, then a multi-domain Wildcard SSL is worth investing in.

#3 Build Strong Relationships

The fact that you run a tech business in 2020 doesn’t exclude you from building strong relationships with clients. As most business owners know, a client-business relationship is central to the success of any venture. Your marketing campaigns are only as effective as the quality of the relationships you have built with your clients. Weak relationships will render all your marketing efforts nonstarters and ineffective. You will have only wasted money in marketing to clients with whom you are yet to establish solid relationships. Therefore, spend as much time as it takes with your clients. Answer their questions and concerns on social media posts.

#4 Advertising on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an excellent platform for marketing a tech business. For a start, it is perfect for creating awareness. Secondly, it generates conversions too. Furthermore, AdWords work more effectively than SEO. They are perfect for boosting brand awareness too. They also offer you a platform through which you can reach more customers via Gmail Inbox. If you handle AdWords well, you will get a potent tool for tackling your competitors. AdWords also allow you to evaluate how your tech business is performing. Its analytics are excellent and quite informative too.

#5 Investing in Social Media

Tech businesses have no choice than to invest in social media. Social media rules in 2020. It is not enough to create social media profiles. You must learn to use them. Otherwise, clients would not find any meaningful content from the profiles. Fill the profiles with contact information. More than that, use them for marketing your products and services. Offer discounts and promotions using these platforms too. Social media earns you the currencies of trust and confidence, which your client’s value more than anything else. Therefore, use these profiles to interact with your existing and prospective clients regularly.

#6 Creating Quality Content

Tech businesses that want to thrive in the 2020s must create quality content. Their websites must be full of useful, informative, and relevant content. That way, such firms guarantee their places in the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). It is never too late to investigate other ways of content creation if your past efforts have not produced the desired results. While doing all that, you should not forget about SEO. Forget the doomsayers telling you that SEO is dead. If you believe them, then you should be ready for a few penalties from Google. Don’t forget the critical role that backlinks play in SEO either.

Finally, as shown above, tech businesses are not impossible to market to your clients. You only must know the right approach to use. In summary, you must create quality content. Build quality relationships with clients. Creating a responsive website and investing in Google AdWords works wonders too. Besides, a Multi-domain wildcard SSL is a powerful tool to invest in for the security that it offers your clients as they navigate through your website. Remember to invest in social media too. Create social media profiles that you intend to use to reach out to more clients. Put these strategies into practice and see your marketing endeavors produce the desired results.


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