How to Maximize Your Facebook Ad Conversions


Facebook ads can be a simple and fast way to grow your company, and market your brand. However, if done wrong, they can also end up wasting precious time and money. Let’s explore some tips on how to maximize your Facebook ad conversions.

Make Your Ads Stand Out

Sean O’Brien, CMO, Modloft

With ads on your Facebook newsfeed, some tend to blend in, while others stand out. When making Facebook ads for your business, make sure that your ads will catch people’s attention. Make your ads visual, simple to read, and to the point. Really focus on the image or video that you are including. Some ads even offer a discount or free offer, which is another way to entice customers and catch their attention. So get creative, and make your new Facebook ad stand out.

Find Your Company’s Niche

Brittney Dolin, Founder, Pocketbook Agency

Take advantage of your company’s niche! The reason Facebook has been a successful advertising platform is because it has such a large reach. This inevitably can affect your business positively when used properly. Choosing keywords used in highly dense markets can flush your advertisements into the background. Take advantage of your audience and their purchasing habits to effectively advertise.

Use Engaging Graphics

Joaquín Roca, Co-Founder and CEO, Minerva Knows

Pictures and graphics are usually the very first things that catch people’s attention when they’re scrolling through their feeds. First and foremost, make sure that you have either fun and colorful graphics that are not too busy with complicated patterns or high-quality images. Moving images can be really engaging as well, so if you can incorporate some kind of GIF into your Facebook ads, even better.

Ads for Facebook Marketplace

Liraz Birnbaum, Founder and CEO, Lula’s Garden

When you begin setting up your new Facebook ad, there are several options to choose from for the location of the ad. Many ads are shown on newsfeeds, however, depending on the products you are promoting, placing ads on Facebook Marketplace may be the best plan for your business. For example, products for the home, furniture, and plants would likely be a great fit for ads on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook users who are browsing on Facebook Marketplace are already looking to make a purchase, which means if your ad catches their eye, they are probably more likely to make a purchase.

Choose Effective Keywords for Google Searches

Joe Parenteau, Co-Founder, Fable Home

A great advertising tip that helps with new business is to start by planning out your buyer’s journey. Where are they going to start? Choose effective keywords for their initial search. Who will they naturally gravitate towards? Choose keywords that will compete with those companies. What is important to your buyers? For us it is sustainability, ethics, and price point. We chose keywords that would help our advertisements stand out during Google searches.

Start Small, then Scale

John Surdakowski, Founder, Avex Designs

Facebook offers paid placement on their website and mobile apps. Your content, special offers, website or posts can get in front of customers with a few simple clicks. What’s more, your ads will be targeted to a very specific demographic. Facebook’s ads are very popular, since they can be quickly deployed. Before putting your entire marketing budget behind Facebook ads, it would be best to test with a small budget and scale up from there.

Install Facebook Pixel

Summer Romasco, Growth Marketing Director, Ad Hoc Labs

One of the key steps in having a successful ad campaign on Facebook is tracking the metrics. You can do this by simply installing Facebook Pixel on your website. This way, Facebook Pixel will be able to track how people interact on your site, and simultaneously give this data to Facebook, in order to find your target audience for future ads. This can potentially drive more sales and make sure that your ads are being shown to the right people.

Refining Your Audience

Chris Vaughn, Founder, Saucey

Take a look at your advertising target parameters. Your business should be advertising to qualified consumers to ensure you are closing your conversion gaps. Utilize search engine optimization through keyword research and consumer interests. By refining your audience, you are targeting a smaller number of consumers that are more likely to purchase your products rather than subjecting a larger number of consumers to products they are not interested in.

Figure Out Your Campaign’s Goal

Nik Sharma, CEO, Sharma Brands

With Facebook ads, it’s important to first future out what exactly your goal is. Are you trying to boost sales, promote your website, gain social media followers, or get new users for your app? Make sure you do some research and see what exactly your business is currently needing. At the end of the day, growing your business and gaining sales is the end goal for most, but it’s important to take the right steps at the right pace, in order for your business to reach success.

Setting the Right Content Schedule For Your Ads

Micheal Waxman, CEO and Co-Founder, Sundays For Dogs

To maximize effectiveness of your advertising campaigns on Facebook you must have a clear and structured plan regarding content schedules. Playing around with your keywords is a great way to switch up your audience. When new products are in the process of launching, you may want to evaluate your keywords to see how useful they have been. Setting advertising schedules based off of your marketing strategies and product performances (or planned product performances) will help you change up your company’s reach while keeping concrete keywords.

Using Location to Target Users

Ryan Craver, Founder and CEO, Mallary By Matthew

If your business is a brick-and-mortar store, or if your business is based out of and operates out of a major city, your target audience can be found by location, thus making your Facebook ad campaign a whole lot easier. By using location as a factor, you can easily target users in your community. However, if you sell online as well, you can create two different ad campaigns. The first campaign can target locals, while the other campaign can be marketed towards a more general audience.

Use Instagram Posts as a Testing Ground

Jameson Rodgers, Co-Founder, CBDfx

One of the most effective tips for maximizing Facebook ads conversion is to treat Instagram posts as a testing ground for prospect sponsored posts and/or ads. Specifically, if a particular post of yours over-performs, this means that your customer and follower base found the content to be worthy of likes, shares, and even purchases. If content performed well organically, chances are it will perform even better in a targeted demographic.

Analyze the Competition

Danielle Calabrese, COO, De La Calle

To properly and effectively advertise your business through Facebook, you do need to take the time to research your competitors and what best suits your brand. You must have the intention of being the top provider of your product or service. The point of these advertisements is to outrank your competitors and be the best option for your consumers. Analyze the competition by comparing their advertising similarities and their effectiveness of their company; all you have to do is pin point the strength and weaknesses to apply them to your company.

Focus on Sales, Not on Clicks

Neil Patel, Co-Founder, NP Digital

Clicks and social engagement are important, but what really matters is how much money you make, not how many people share your ad. If you’re getting a lot of clicks, it’s easy to get false expectations because your ad is apparently “working.” This is a big mistake – clicks do not necessarily mean it’s a high-performing ad. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting thousands of shares and clicks. If you are not getting sales, something is not working. It may be your ad. It may be your landing page. It may be your audience. But whatever the case is, you need to stop the campaign and figure out what’s going on. Otherwise, you’ll keep losing money. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that clicks and engagement aren’t important. To some degree, they are. What I’m trying to say is that you should always keep track of your sales, scale what works, and get rid of what doesn’t work. This way, you’ll always have a point of reference for your next ad or campaign.


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