How To Ramp Up Premises Security Without Breaking The Bank


The physical safety of the premises should be a priority for a business owner, but it is often an underrated part of running an organization. People tend to take safety for granted, and cybersecurity takes the front seat in the era of data thefts and hacking attacks. But compromising with premises safety is the last thing you should do. Your workplace houses your assets, cash, precious data, employees, customers, and visitors. You can well imagine how important it is to secure everything inside your premises. Fortunately, premises safety does not cost a fortune as a few measures take you a long way. Here are some simple tips to ramp it up without breaking the bank.

Assess your risks

A comprehensive risk assessment is a good start as it enables you to decide the priority areas. You will probably want to secure access points, server rooms, cash vaults, and storage areas. Since risks run higher for banks, retail stores, and jewelry outlets, they may have more points to cover. Consider the possibility of employee theft besides external threats. Once you have a checklist of high-risk zones on your premises, you can create a plan that addresses them within your budget.

Install surveillance essentials

Surveillance essentials like CCTV cameras and alarm systems are valuable investments for a business. You should not have qualms about installing them even if they cost a bit because having them on-premises can save a fortune in the long run. Besides tracking an impending attack and detecting break-ins, surveillance tools can prevent crime in the first place. They act as deterrents for external and internal criminals looking to compromise security.

Empower your employees

Empowering your employees can take your company the extra mile with premises security as they can prevent threats and protect themselves in dire situations. Conducting self-defense training for your team is a great start. You can provide personal protection equipment to people working in strategic roles, such as transporting cash and high-value assets. For example, level 4 body armor offers protection against sharp weapons and bullet attacks. Ensure that everyone in your security team also wears ballistic protection.

Implement access control

Another surefire measure to safeguard your premises without breaking the bank is to implement an access control system. It enables you to enforce different access levels to different employees. For example, you can let only a few trusted employees enter cash vaults, stock rooms, and server rooms. The best thing about this measure is that it costs nothing and delivers foolproof protection.

Maintain and rework safety protocols

Maintaining your safety protocols is the best way to deter threats and prevent incidents. You must also assess evolving threats from time to time and rework your premises’ safety policies and protocols to stay ahead of the risks. Consider upgrading surveillance equipment, setting up more of them in high-risk areas, and collaborating with a security expert. No investment is too much when it comes to securing your employees and assets.

A safe workplace makes you a better employer, and it is even more crucial when running a customer-facing business. Implementing these simple measures can cover all threats and prevent incidents.


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