How To Review The Best Vapes For Dry Herbs And Concentrates


You’ve probably come across a list of buying guides and vaporizer reviews about what features to focus on when scouting for vapes. And rightly so, because that’s how you’ll learn about which ones are yay, and the rest, nay. 

We’ve done our homework on Top 4 Vapes Reviewed and have noted down for you another list of must-haves for the best cannabis vaporizers. 

1. Product And Temperature Capacity 

We’re merging these two variables into one— vape capacity when it comes to how much cannabis product it can hold in a single time. And how high of a temperature it can be set to while remaining consistent. 

“Temperature settings” is no new news with regards to dry herb and/or concentrate vaporizers. It is a basic feature that separates vape pens from their desktop counterparts and from rolls of paper and whatnot. 

What we are pointing out here is its temperature capacity. A feature you can only really test after you’ve bought the vape. 

Most, if not all, have the capacity to be set above 400°F. The issue is if it is able to maintain said temperature throughout a vape session. If you’re one who likes vaping at high intensities, you’ll easily be able to check this factor. If not, all you need to do is bring the vape’s temperature level to over 400 degrees celsius and check the flow of each draft. 

2. Flavor Preservation Stems

In the event that you’re one who relishes being able to preserve the aroma of dry herbs as much as possible, and within every single draft, you can set your sights on vapes with specialized stems. 

This is NOT about the “stems” of the cannabis plant. This is about the “stems” of a vaporizer. It isn’t a feature common to vape pens and isn’t necessarily a “need” in getting good drafts. Then again, they’re worth mentioning for full-on aroma-focused sessions.

3. Vape And/Or Heating Chamber Size 

Vape pens, the older models, follow a standard size. That’s why most of them have almost equal sizing measurements and weight. True even when it comes to their ovens. However, newer makes differ from these. 

Many are not significantly larger all in all. But the difference allows a bit more room to pack in dry herbs and/or concentrates. Since the size of the vape is directly correlated to the size of its oven, should it be that you’re quite concerned about how much product you can vape per-use, this one’s a feature to highlight.

4. Preloading Feature

Here’s another not-too-common feature of innovative vaporizers— having the faculty to preload cannabis products. A “preload” is about being able to “preload” the vaporizer for you to vape dry herbs and/or concentrates at a later time than now.

It’s a great add-on and is supplementary to the portability of a vape pen. No more bringing a separate mini-storage compartment for herbs you want to vape for later. You can preload the vaporizer itself. It won’t merely “store” your greens. It will keep them fresh for the time being, and until you’ve got time to take a draft from it.

Again, this is brand-specific, so not all vapes carry this trait. But once you do find it, get your hands on such unique vaporizers.


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