How to Take the Hassle Out of Business Travel


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When you see the words “business travel,” you might associate the words “stress” and “headaches” with the phrase. Too often business professionals are extended to exhaustion and pushed to their limits. However, savvy business pros can use these smart tips to avoid the hassles and headaches of modern business travel.

Join a Rewards Program
In a Travel Channel article, Maria Perez, marketing manager of, says if the staff notices that you frequently travel with their airline, hotel or rental car company, they are more likely to accommodate your needs. Joining a rewards or loyalty program comes with its own unique set of perks, from hotel room upgrades to priority boarding on flights. There are a variety of ways to take advantage of these specialty traveler programs.

Make Time for Fitness
There are a wide-range of benefits when it comes to working out before work. Fast Company notes that working out in the morning before work will leave you feeling more energized, and many top business achievers are known to workout in the morning to clear their minds and get ready for the day. However, finding time or even a proper facility to workout in can prove difficult when traveling. But finding the time and a place isn’t hard for business travelers who belong to 24 Hour Fitness. The gym has locations in more than a dozen states across the country, and members have access to these facilities. From Washington to California, Florida to New York, your Oregon membership can be used wherever your business travel takes you.

Remember to Pack Light
Oftentimes, travel becomes more stressful when you have a lot of bags and luggage to worry about. Eliminating all of your excess baggage and packing a lightweight carry-on instead with just the essentials can save you stress and money at the luggage check. If you check in for your flight ahead of time, you can bypass the baggage check and check-in line. When you land, you can get to your destination faster, as you won’t have to wait at baggage claim for your luggage to arrive.

Don’t Forget to Eat
Food is fuel. Not eating can put a damper on your cheery mood, leaving you feeling hungry, tired and overworked. Your mother was right when she said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Eat before traveling and consider packing a few light snacks for your trip. You never know when you might be sitting in the airport for a delay. Having an energy bar tucked away in your briefcase or handbag ensures that you’ll have something to snack on if you get desperate.

Stay Connected
A secure connection to the Internet is essential in today’s modern business world. Be sure you don’t miss a beat by calling your hotel ahead of time and arranging Wi-Fi services. Most hotels today offer free or affordable in-room Internet. But it’s always best to call ahead to make sure that your needs can be accommodated. Doing this ahead of time means that you can jump into business as soon as you walk into your hotel room.


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