Why Human Customer Service from a Human is Still Important


As a business owner, you are probably well aware of the many automated methods of providing customer service. From chatbots and troubleshooting menus to interactive knowledge bases, machine learning and more, it may seem like human employees will eventually be replaced by computers.

While adding computerized customer interactions may seem like a good thing — after all, a chatbot won’t call in sick, arrive late or ask for time off for vacation — there are a number of ways machine learning will never replace a real, live human being. With this in mind, check out the following ways that customer service provided by a person is still important:

Computers Cannot Empathize

Yes, you can use chatbots to allow your customers to place orders over the phone and answer basic questions. All of the algorithms and scripts in the world will never replace the human ability to pick up on the subtle nuances of language and mood. If an extremely grouchy customer calls in with a complaint about slow shipping, even the most advanced chatbot won’t be able to replace a kind, calm and empathetic customer service rep on the other end of the phone. In addition, customers are not able to explain their anger or frustrations with a chatbot since it is unable to process these emotions — as a result, this customer may hang up the phone, angrier than ever and ready to post negative reviews on Yelp and other review sites. On the other hand, having a conversation with an actual person, who apologizes profusely for the delay in shipping, can offer a discount on a future order and/or refund the shipping charges, will appease the customer and keep him as a steady client for life.

Automated Customer Service Will Not Enhance a Company’s Reputation

A friendly and outgoing staff that is helpful and smart is what establishes the good reputation of a business — not a bunch of automated ordering processes. This is not to say that business owners should ignore the importance of technology in their company — in fact, they should ensure that their dedicated staff is equipped with tech devices that allow them to do their jobs better. For example, customer service representatives should be provided with state-of-the-art mobile devices that work in tandem with contact center software. A great example of this is the LG V20 smartphone. The LG V20 is a high quality phone that will not break the business budget, and its crisp sound will let your CSRs easily engage in conversations with valued customers.

Human CSRs Can Handle Complex Issues Better than Bots

While self-service customer service options are capable of giving basic help on a number of common issues, they cannot solve every issue that customers often need help solving. For instance, a client may call a bank seeking help with closing an account of a deceased loved one, and she might also have questions about her own credit card account and her teenage son’s debit card. This multitude of customer needs is more than a basic chatbot can deal with. This call deserves a competent and caring human CSR who can offer sympathy over the loss of the customer’s loved on, assistance with closing the account — which will probably involve asking for the deceased account holder’s confidential information — and then switching gears to talk about the caller’s account and her son’s.


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