HVAC Contractors: How to Get Your Central AC Unit Installed


Want to get your HVAC installed in your home? We’ll show you how to get in contact with an expert in this post!

Tired of the cold air outside? Or perhaps the heat is causing you to sweat profusely. Whatever the case, you should consider getting an HVAC expert to help you install one properly.

Continue reading to understand the different types of central conditioner and how you can contact an expert to get one installed today.

Types of AC

Split System

This is the most common central AC system that’s found in the U.S. It’s split due to it utilizing the outdoor and indoor components. On the inside is the air handler, which can hold the evaporator coil and the blower.

On the outside is a metal cabinet that holds the compressor and the condenser oil. The refrigerant lines are connected to the system. For people who use a furnace for central heating, then you’ll have this cooling system as well.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an alternative split system. Instead of using a furnace like traditional systems, the heat pump provides heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Additionally, it has an air handler on the inside and a heat pump cabinet on the outside.

Heat pumps can be either geothermal or an air source. Geothermal heat pumps deposit or pulls heat from the earth in order to provide cooling or heating in the house. Air source air pumps release or extract heat to the outdoor air.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged air conditioners use a heat pump and electric air conditioning, or cooling plus heating equipment. These units can sit on the rooftop or outside a commercial building or home. These are usually chosen for their commercial applications because of their small footprint and installation flexibility.

Speaking to Air Conditioner Contractors

Once you selected a few HVAC contractor wheeling, contact them to schedule a meeting to install your central air conditioner. An HVAC expert will help you throughout the installation process. They will answer all of your questions about the system types.

Additionally, they’ll help you find the right option for your financial and comfort needs. They’ll start by performing a cooling load calculation in order to determine the right size of the air conditioner that’s needed.

Your HVAC expert will advise you on the other factors that are needed to make your air conditioner work optimally. conditioner

Selecting a Central Air Conditioner Installer

Once you have multiple estimated quotes from multiple HVAC experts, its time to compare them on what features they offer. We suggest that you ask them for itemized quotes that state the equipment, so you know that you’re comparing the right equipment.

Also, check the warranty terms for the labor and equipment. After finding an HVAC contractor wheeling that you’d like to work with, contact them. They might want to schedule a time to pick up your contract.

Your contractor will talk to you about the project timeline and help schedule the installation. They might order the air conditioner from a professional supplier before scheduling a specific installation date.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a home for 5 months of 5 years, you need an air conditioner to help regulate the temperature. By doing this, you’ll have a system that will keep you and your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So, contact an HVAC expert today to ensure that you’ll have a reliable central air conditioning system in your home.


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