Importance of Design in Online Slots


What makes a slot great? With literally thousands of titles calling for our attention, there may be a few secret ingredients when the time comes to pick the best from the rest.

Martim Nabeiro (more about the author here) takes us on a spin in the attempt to hit jackpot. The goal? To describe the importance of online slots design with several options at our disposal.

More than Aesthetics

Designing a slot takes more than a great idea. It’s a mixture of well-balanced ingredients, very thin margins, and making sure the dots connect perfectly in the end.

For the player, this engineering work is often disregarded, as most slots found in the best casino online in Portugal may seem particularly simple-looking games. As with many things in life, there’s more than meets the eye.

Online slots can be divided into several categories. Classic slot machines started making their way into player’s hearts via a 3-reel configuration, later developing to the ever-popular 5-reel alternatives found frequently in any online casino. These vary in theme, the number of paylines, bet amounts and, naturally, prizes.

Amongst these, progressive slots are also found, which are slightly more complex in its mechanism, connected to an ever-growing jackpot over a worldwide network. For the player, the difference will go unnoticed, as the smooth and fun experience is there on each spin.

The Mobile Revolution

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have taken a huge role in our lives. That role has expanded to entertainment as well, with many online casinos delivering great experiences that are either exclusive or optimized for mobile use.

Exclusive bonuses and growing interaction including live casino games offer the chance for players to play anywhere, anytime they want.

Playing slots on mobile is now as fun and interactive as its traditional, computer-based version. Mobile slots have even gone past the online casino sphere and began operating as independent platforms. This frequently results in competing against casinos themselves, or existing as the means to complementing a global offer that appeals to all sorts of players in Portugal.

For these, it means the growing offer of slots gets pushed beyond and above in terms of quantity and quality. Nevertheless, it’s never been more important to rely on a few quality online casino and slot reviews to identify those that are worthy of your time.

Pick a Favourite

With an almost overwhelming catalogue of slots available in Portuguese online casinos, another issue arises. Which are worthy of your time, and which should you avoid?

A way to find what works best before spending countless hours is to rely on a quality slots guide that will go through the nuances of each style. That will not only serve as very solid ground to start from but will also assist in providing the necessary knowledge that slots aren’t all alike.

At some point, a favourite design will come from any of the following:

  • 3-reel Slots
  • 5-reel Slots
  • Progressive Slots
  • Mobile Slots
  • Mega Spin Slots
  • Multipliers
  • Multi-pay Line Slots

Knowing the way around any of these is still as simple as defining a bet amount, in most cases deciding how many paylines to go for, and spin. The simplicity behind the result won’t reflect the incredible amount of fine-tuning underneath.

Overall, a favourite design or a mix will still pursue the same result: endless fun, great prizes, and memorable moments.

The Delicious Details

By now, most casino players in Portugal will understand that not all slots are alike. Even though these will be found randomly listed to the thousands in quality online casinos, it won’t be long until differences start to become obvious.

Multi-pay line slots, for one, are instant favourites for most players. Regardless of the number of reels present, its mechanisms allow for multipliers to act on the result. It’s getting more for less, both in terms of chances and fun.

Designing a great slot is, therefore, a considerable commitment to ensuring the right choices are present from the very start. The simpler the experience looks, the best. You’ll find that the most famous slot games are three-reeled retro gems such as Triple Diamond. Years after its debut, it’s still moving millions of daily spins all around the world.


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