How to Improve the Customer Purchase Experience?


Off for a vacation but not sure where your gate is? Ordered something online but not sure if the delivery guy would turn up before you have to leave for your appointment? These situations happen regularly in everyday life and are something that most of us can relate to. When they happen, they often give frustration, anxiety, and unnecessary stress to the person experiencing it. It is unfortunate when something exciting like a journey or a new purchase brings about negative emotions and unpleasantness instead of bringing excitement and joy.


Would such negative experience deter customers from buying from these retailers again? Probably not. Would they shift buying habits to purchase from retailers who send regular status updates? Why not? In this digital world, consumers have come to rely more and more on their phone in every situation. Don’t know something? Google it. Want a ride home? Uber it. Why not help yourself by assisting your customers in staying abreast of where the thing they bought is right now? Some companies have committed to increasing their standard of delivery to their customers, and if you are interested, INTIS Telecom has a ready selection of services which your company will be able to choose from:

The Forced Adoption of Technology

Companies have greatly reinvented themselves over the last year or two. With Uber and other cab-hailing companies coming into the market, consumers are able to keep tabs on where exactly their cabs were and how far out they were. This allows for efficient planning. The consumers have been given a taste of this new efficiency, so they start to consciously choose products which give them the same result. Delivery services such as DHL and UPS had tracking services from the start, but now, even smaller businesses such as Ninja Van and others, have started an SMS service informing consumers the day before the delivery that their purchase was reaching them the day after, and once more when their delivery drivers are in the vicinity.

Even Airlines are Preferring SMS Solutions

It is not just delivery companies which have turned to an SMS solution. Major airlines such as Singapore Airlines have been sending out SMS notifications to travelers for a few years now. Travelers get a text once their flight is eligible for online check-in, confirmation once online check-in has been done, and a reminder a few hours before the flight with complete gate boarding details. These notifications have given all Singapore Airlines passengers the ease of being able to travel without printing out the complete travel itinerary or do constant checks against the airport billboard for their flight information which in turn contributes to their Best Airline ranking every year.

In this day and age, the physical quality of the product is standard and no further differentiation can be done from merchant to merchant. The ways the companies use to stand out against the competition are the product delivery method and how far they are willing to go in their service.


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