Improve Storage with Intermediate Bulk Containers


Also called IBS, the Intermediate Bulk Container is a large storage container primarily used for storing large quantities of various liquids for storage or transport. Some of the liquids most commonly stored in an IBC include solvents, detergents, water foods and a variety of other chemicals and industrial liquids too numerous to mention here. If your business is about to acquire a large amount of liquids of any sort, here is what you should know about IBC totes with expert input from industry experts Verde Trader.

Built-in Pallets

IBC totes typically come installed onto their very own pallets which makes them especially easy to store and move about. You will never have to worry about removing the storage vessel from its pallet and this makes them easy to transport with your average forklift. This means your workers will never have to spend time looking around for a suitable storage pallet when loading or unloading your IBCs. They will be able to get right to work, placing the IBCs where they go.

If you will be moving or storing flammable or otherwise volatile chemicals, this greatly reduces the chances that shipments will be damaged.

Easily Dispense Liquids

IBSC totes also come equipped with a nozzle at the front of the storage unit, this makes dispensing liquids in small or great amounts an easy task. This nozzle is especially easy to operate and can be turned on and off by anyone as it takes no great amount of strength. The nozzles provide perfect control of how much liquid product is being dispensed. This is important when dispensing valuable liquids, but especially important when dispensing flammable liquids or those that have a capacity to pollute the environment — precise dispensers also ensure nothing is wasted.

Bulk Storage for Space Efficiency

An investment in top-quality IBC storage units is also a good way to save costly storage space. A single container can hold between 450 and 3000L (119 to 793 Gallons)of product. You can place the contents of many barrels into one IBC. If you see that your storage space is becoming cramped, you can even stack these IBC on top of the other to maximize the storage space. You can also place empty units to the side when they are not in use. Finding the right sized IBC unit for your purpose is also a good way to economize on the space you need for storage.

Better storage solutions can even minimize the costs of labor in your storage facilities. Your workers will not have to spend as much time or effort to move a single IBC as opposed to the equivalent amount of product stored in a variety of barrels. Furthermore, the presence of so much product in a single storage unit will cause your employees to exercise more care when moving the IBC from place to place.

Reusable to Reduce Storage Costs

Another great way you will reduce your storage costs is by reusing the containers once they are empty. You will not have to continuously purchase new containers each time things must be stored properly. To reuse the container, it must first be inspected to ensure no damage has been sustained.  Next it will need to be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning solution and rinsed properly to be prepared for the next batch of product.

Versatile Storage Solutions

No matter what types of chemicals you need to be storing, you will find a suitably sized IBC container. There are a wide range of industrial chemicals and even just drinking water. Industries and companies that use a lot of different liquids will be able to use this an IBC system for effectively managing their inventory. This will make it much easier to ship and store what you need and access your inventory efficiently.

Durable for More Peace of Mind

When you are storing liquids, it is essential to rely fully on the containers that keep them pure and safe from spillage and contamination. This is especially true when storing hazardous liquids IBCs are made from the highest quality durable plastics that protect the contents inside from damage outside. They are also protected from impacts and other forms of damage by a sturdy wire mesh shell. This keeps them from damage while they are in transport.

In closing, IBCs are the perfect solution to shipping and storing large amounts of liquids of all types. No matter what you will be storing, the right storage system can help save you cash and provide the peace of mind in knowing your products are well-cared for.


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