Innovate Security for Life Introduces Direct-to-Builder Wholesale Program for Next-gen Turnkey Smart Home Automation


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Innovate Security for Life launches wholesale smart home security and automation platform directly to builders/developers as a simple solution for home technology requirements. Innovate’s new Smarter Communities S.A.V.E (Security – Automation – Video – Expertise) program offers builders the ideal turnkey package for a preloaded home network to enable home  automation — and all in customizable, do-it-yourself (DIY) expandable packages for the buyer.

The Bend company introduces an easy — yet advanced — system for networking and enabling wireless control of residential appliances and devices like lighting control, indoor and outdoor video cameras, security systems, thermostats, windows, door locks, garage door openers, video surveillance and all the myriad new smart home applications the next generation of homebuyer requires.

In addition, Innovate focuses on the growing trend in customizable DIY smart home automation and security which industry experts predict will dominate the more traditional solutions currently available. The team also designed a magnetic mounting system that eliminates wall damage, cuts DIY installation time in half and offers a portable system that homeowners can take with them.

National home security expert — and Bend resident — Graham Hausler has engineered a solution that is easy, intuitive and affordable for homebuilders and homebuyers alike—in any kind of home. A security industry insider, Hausler, who founded and operated Bend-based Atlas Security for 20 years, foresaw a need for a proven DIY security model that would differentiate from old traditional security systems.

The company now offers the Smarter Communities S.A.V.E (Security – Automation – Video – Expertise) platform directly to builders and developers at wholesale pricing.

“Innovate offers builders an easy, streamlined option for installing advanced automation and security in new homes and multifamily units—enabling smart devices that meet code requirements to pass final inspection,” says Hausler. “We have enlisted the support of the top smart home, security and video product manufacturers to provide extremely competitive wholesale pricing which allows builders to offer smart home capabilities for little or no extra cost.”

How does the direct-to-builder program work?

Innovate has established a simple low-cost automation infrastructure for the developer/builder community and provides the end-user with a DIY solution. The system fits a new category in the home automation and security industry focused on multi-unit residences and first-time buyer housing.

Innovate’s Smarter Communities Home Automation and Security Technologies provide customers with all the automated features of a smart home, but with lifestyle flexibility and affordability built into the product design. Innovate provides builders and developers with wholesale smart equipment for building smart infrastructure in new housing or multifamily buildings that might include smart light switches, smart dimmers, smart thermostats, smart video doorbells and smart door locks.

Innovate builders/developers receive a private branded promotional code for the customer offering $100 coupons for renters or $200 for homebuyers to customize their own DIY Smart Home Automation and Security System. Innovate Security for Life (ISFL) systems are different from any other DIY offer:

  • Lower cost by removing technician labor from the price
  • First do-it-yourself security, automation and video
  • One application for security automation and video expertise
  • Engineered for the easiest patented magnetic installation
  • Network locked down and secured
  • Lifetime warranty on intrusion sensors with service
  • Designed to be easily portable when moving
  • Replacement sensor mounts free of charge when moving
  • Encrypted professional-grade equipment
  • Twenty years of experience in security, automation and video expertise

“This is a win-win system. Having installed Innovate’s unique systems in several different residences I can say that it is a huge cost savings over ‘professional’ installation,” says David Hatch, Innovate customer and retired homebuilder. “The installation is super simple — all the devices magnetically mount easily with the metal backing plate which has a special adhesive to the wall or ceiling. Pairing the devices to the monitoring panel is similar to pairing a blue tooth device with your phone.”

Hatch adds that “with the advanced technology controlling home devices, it is quick, easy and amazing, especially when you are literally on the other side of the planet — which I’ve done! Devices are preprogramed into the panel when you order the system, and there are easy to follow instructions, making it plug and play. The monitoring fee is simple and competitive, you can even start simple and add devices later on.”

Innovate now offers a best-in-class security solution featuring:

  • Customized components for the home and office
  • Easy, intuitive installation
  • Comprehensive protection from intrusion
  • Sensors for life-threatening event like smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Monitors for aging parents and relatives
  • Control over environmental catastrophes like fire, floods, freezes
  • Online programming
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Trusted home security experience
  • Unparalleled service
  • Affordable, flexible comprehensive options

About Innovate Security for Life

Innovate was inspired by a simple concept: use innovation to provide professional-grade life safety & security products for home and business. Offer continued support, and help customers save money through DIY installation. With a market that is quickly transitioning, we have re-engineered professional-grade, cutting edge systems for easy installation by our customers. The kits we offer are not entry-level products. Innovate has engineered them to be the most advanced, easiest to install and fully expandable in their class. This is a comprehensive professional offer unlike any other on the market. Our mission is to build lifelong relationships with our customers. We provide ‘Security for Life’.


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