How The Internet Can Give You A Creative Career


Let’s face it; nobody really wants to sit in an office cubicle all day, every day. Given a choice, most people would much prefer to be having fun with their careers, and that’s actually much more feasible than you might think. No matter your hobbies, in the digital age there are plenty of options to make your creative outlets a viable career option, and often in ways that you might not have considered. If the daily commute is starting to grind you down, or you’re feeling trapped by the 9-5, then here are some ways to turn your creativity into a career, and you might be surprised by just how accessible they are.

Becoming a writer in the modern age

They say that everyone has at least one book in them. If you’ve been harboring dreams of being at the top of the bestseller lists for a while, then it might be time to start trying to make it happen. Horror writer Stephen King says that you only need to do two things to become a writer, and that’s to read and to write. The more that you do of both, the better a writer you’ll become. It used to be that becoming a paid writer meant jumping through a variety of gatekeeping obstacles, but with self-publishing now easier than ever through sites like Amazon and others, anyone can publish their words into the world and even generate a healthy income from it. Don’t assume that this is as easy as it sounds. You are going to need to work at marketing (and writing the books themselves), but the barriers towards becoming a full-time writer are now fewer than ever.

Showcase your musical skills and profit

With sites like YouTube and Soundcloud being free to use, it’s never been easier for musicians to get themselves heard. Some musicians don’t even perform live events, content to make their revenue from Spotify payments and YouTube monetized videos. If you have a musical hankering, then it’s always worth looking for some quality musical instruments to practice on, and you can use Musicians Friend coupon code 2018 to source some real bargains. Get your instrument of choice and get practicing. Whether you’re working solo or as part of a band, being a musician is not an easy career, but it’s never been more viable.

Unleash your inner artist

If you’re a dab hand with paint or pen, then the good news is that becoming an artist is easier than ever before. There are any number of website platforms for artists to showcase their work, and with everything from DeviantArt to eBay allowing you to sell prints and make money from your work, you could be a paid artist before you know it. One of the ways that modern artists spread their audience reach is through comics, with fanfic comic strips of recognizable characters being particularly popular. If you have an original idea, post it online and you may even attract the attention of a comic company who’ll buy your comic or hire you for something new. Either way, you’ll have taken the first steps towards a creative career as an artist.

Become a filmmaker

If you’ve just watched the latest Hollywood blockbuster and decided that you can do much better, then it’s time to prove it. Long gone are the days of networking to get your filmmaking work noticed, and you even have all of the tools that you need in your pocket. If Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh can shoot a film using nothing more than an iPhone, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same. Of course, with platforms like Vimeo, Twitch, and Vevo allowing creatives to post their cinematic works directly online, you can reach huge numbers of viewers. Who says you need a cinema? Spend time working on your scripts and make sure that you learn from every film that you make. You don’t need expensive editing equipment when there are a range of online editing tools that you can use, and any manner of special effects can be sourced through sites like Fiverr. Start small and get more ambitious as you learn, and you could end up being the next Spielberg.

If you want to escape the daily toil of unsatisfying, creativity-killing employment, then it’s time to get your ambition on. Consider what you love doing and follow it through. The internet is an incredible resource, and finding like-minded communities to work with could make the difference between handing in your resignation or wasting your life in an office cubicle.






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