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It can be frustrating to have an idea in your head for many years, only to meet with repeated delays when you finally get to the patent process. There are many requirements that must be taken care of when applying for patent approval, however, a quality company should do their part to speed the process along. Expect these things from your service provider.

Efficient Paperwork Completion

A patent cannot be processed if the paperwork never gets done. When you are depending on a company like Inventhelp, you should have high expectations. Their job is to assist you with the process of bringing your invention to life. A reputable company makes every client a priority. You should expect all paperwork to be submitted well before the deadlines. If your paperwork is sitting on a desk for several weeks, take your business elsewhere. This is a service you are paying for.

When you first sign up for services, a full disclosure of each step should be given to you. This way you have tentative schedule to go by. Make sure you are not holding anything up by providing all of the information asked of you. This is a collaborative effort between you and company you hired. A good company can also give you great tips for success.

Regular Updates

Your calls should always be returned the same day if you request an update. Ideally, you should not have to ask for updates. The company should send you regular emails or execute phone calls to keep you notified of the progress. Once the research has been done, a report should be promptly provided to you for review. The point of hiring a company to handle your invention is to make it a more efficient process. Never feel bad about calling an asking questions. This is your idea on the line.

Notification of Delays

Delays in any line of work are always a possibility. While you should not blame the company when research is held up, you should still expect a notification of the status. When delays happen, your representative should be on the phone with you has soon as he finds out about the delay. This way you are not left wondering what is going on when certain milestones do not get met. You can tell you are working with a good company when they are upfront and honest about all situations. It is better to give a client bad news that to give them no news. Hold them accountable for their communication.

There are certain steps to the patent process, many of which should be handled by your representative. Each step must be completed in a timely manner to meet goals. Paperwork needs to be completed thoroughly and checked for mistakes.  Follow up phone calls or emails should be expected on a regular basis. Delays in the process should also be made known to clients as soon as possible. Take the time to learn about the patent company and check reviews before agreeing to work with them.



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