Is It Too Late To Start Your Investment Portfolio?


So many individuals are concerned about their current savings and personal finance portfolios, especially as retirement nears without a substantial nest egg to fall back on. Yet, those same individuals are concerned that they are too late in their years to start a successful investment portfolio. This post shows you why it’s not to late to start investing and what to do if you are a little apprehensive about how to make your first move.

Why Young People Avoid Investing

The reason so many people are anxious about investing is often because many young people are risk averse, brought about by the fear of losing money. This is extremely understandable, nobody wants to be in a worse situation that when they started, but the crux of the issues is typically a lack of knowledge. Young people do not know where to begin with sourcing investment insights and how to make their first move and how to begin their portfolio. Professional personal investment managers can help you, but they are an expensive way to start out if you are young with limited capital to invest. Yet a more favourable alternative might be to seek an investment connection, which helps to educate individuals in specific markets so they can manage their profiles independently.

The other thing that holds young people back from starting their investment profiles is the fear of needing their money for a financial fall-back. It’s well understood that pulling money out at an inopportune moment could cost the individual dearly. This is why many choose to stock-pile their cash into no-returns saving accounts which they can access. Emergency loans and borrowing money that charge you interest are not serving future financial plans, which is why it can be beneficial to wait until there is more disposable income to invest with and waiting until you are in a comfortable financial position first.

Why Are You Waiting To Invest?

A good investment means individuals are able to beat inflation rates. This means an individual’s purchasing power can either stay the same or improve as the value of money changes over time. Think, £1 would have bought so much more 30 years ago, the motivation for investing is to ensure the same £1 can buy the same value in another 30 years. This can ensure that those who are planning their finances for retirement can still maintain their lifestyle despite lacking in private pension funds.

The same fear follows many people throughout their lifetime: they don’t know where to start when it comes to investing. The crucial thing to bear in mind is that aging does not equate ‘running out of time’. Investment insights and professional research services can assist individuals making their first stock purchase or investment by presenting balanced information to help client’s make informed and favourable decisions. Do not rush into decisions due to a fear of missing out.

The benefit of investing as early as you can does provide the advantage of having longer to recover from disappointing returns. However, experts within the industry indicate that investors in their fifties still have plenty of time to react, recover and grow into an investment portfolio. In turn, working with more disposable income means an older person is more likely to be able to balance their portfolio straight away, reducing the risk of no-returns or losing money.

The other appeal of beginning an investment later in life is that it can serve as a fantastic, beneficial substitution to a lump-sum inheritance. If this is an individual’s target, they should bring this up to professional investments and finance managers as they may be able to provide advice on how assets can be transferred over to a next of kin or dedicated recipient after demise. It also enables many to leave a legacy, for example, investing in a holiday home property to enjoy whilst you are alive and then leave it to the next generation, whilst it accrues equity.

The bottom line: it’s never too late to start an investment profile, professional advice services and connections will be able to help make favourable moves.


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