Is tap water safe to drink? Minimizing the risk of carcinogens in drinking water.


About a decade ago, there was a famous saying that ‘water which tastes good is good water.’ Tap water was one of the primary sources of water for the common people, and it used to be drinkable and completely safe for your body under most conditions. People chose to buy bottled water only because of reasons like the preference of taste and display of status.

Nowadays, the water you are drinking has good chances of making you sick, more so in the long run.

A new report released by an environmental watchdog group shows the presence of lethal carcinogens in tap water, thus making it unsafe for consumption. Although the tap water successfully complies with the standards set by the government, it still contains enough toxic elements to make the consumer sick.

The peer-reviewed study conducted by the Environmental Watchdog Group (EWG) concluded that the tap water available to the people might contain up to 22 different carcinogens including uranium, radium, arsenic, and by-products of disinfectants and other toxic chemicals. Long term exposure to most of these elements may cause cancer in the skin, lungs, bladder, and also negatively impact other vital organs of the body.

Another compound that has recently been doing the rounds of news is Dioxane. It is a type of industrial solvent which is widely used in the manufacturing of a variety of products like detergents, dyes, and cosmetics. The chemical has been showing up in tap water tests from quite some time recently, and this has been a significant cause of concern for the authorities.

Many times, chemicals like Chlorine are added to the water during its purification at municipal treatment plants. Although Chlorine acts as a disinfectant, it is a known toxin for the human body.

WHO estimates that people who consume water directly from the taps, which is not adequately treated and filled with contaminants, have a 93% higher risk of getting affected from the carcinogenic materials.

This calls for preventive steps to be taken to combat the harmful contaminants present in tap water and make it fit for consumption without compromising our health. We, as humans, can not choose whether to drink water or not. But as intelligent beings, we can surely select upon the type of water that we would allow entering our bodies.

A good way out is to use bottled water for drinking and cooking. But bottled water has the complication of availability and storage, which may prove to be cumbersome to manage in the fast-paced urban lifestyle. A good domestic water filter can solve the problem for you, along with being easy on the pocket.

Filters from reputed brands can be trusted to purify the water that comes out from your taps efficiently. One such reputed and trustworthy brand in this regard is the Berkey Water Filter. They are one of the global leaders when it comes to water purification. Their filters effectively remove any waterborne contamination and other hazardous substances from the water, making it fit for human consumption.

They guarantee that their filters can remove 200+ contaminants from water, making the water ultra-clean and free from any health risks. Also, they are cost-effective, as it costs less than $0.02 for treating a gallon of water.

Water is an essential ingredient for human survival, and thus it needs the attention it deserves. With cases of terminal cancer on the rise these days, it is imperative to properly treat the water before consumption to avoid any possible health complications. And as obvious as it may sound, do not even try to drink water directly from the tap. You never know what it could contain.


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