Is Your Data Safe? Top 5 Ways to Double-Check


Data security is a vital aspect that ensures the continuity of business operations. Cyber attacks are on the rise as most organizations face numerous challenges putting critical data at risk. With the onset of mobile technology and virtualized environments, more data circulates on networks across the globe. Hence, there more potential attackers and numerous breaches taking place in company systems and individual PCs. So, it is imperative to ensure that stringent security measures are in place to protect your data to prevent loss or damage. An efficient way to keep your data safe is to use Nakivo VMware backup and experience the best services at reasonable rates.

Our article delves into some of the causes of data breaches and ways to counter the problems to enhance data security.

Causes of Data Breaches

Here are the most common causes of data breaches users can come across any day.

Email Insecurity

Poor security policies in emails often lead to phishing attacks from cybercriminals. Most organizations suffer risks and damages when hackers gain access to email accounts or the entire network. The criminals send links to individuals who think that the email is from a trusted source. Once they click to open, the virus installs on the machine. Or the attacker asks for payment or verification of a bank account number.

Public Wi-Fi Connections

With the development of smartphones and tablets, most individuals work on the go. On the train, restaurant, coffee house, wherever there is access to public Wi-Fi. But unsecured connections may pose a significant risk, especially if you are accessing sensitive information.

Outdated Applications

Most outdated applications and operating systems have vulnerabilities that hackers can use to access your system. Open backdoors and URLs are loopholes that can cause serious data breaches.

Malware Attacks

Cybercriminals use intelligent ways to infect networks and systems to steal critical data. Sending infected links, using Bluetooth, or unsecured connections are some of the ways attackers take control.

Careless Employees

Most organizations have employees who do not adhere to security protocols. Saving passwords on machines, oversharing information, accessing unauthorized files are ways that can cause data breaches.

Poor Policies

Companies do not invest in adequate cybersecurity measures, which may give hackers room to gain access to the systems with ease.

Protective Measures to Double Check your Data Security

But the fact that safety risks are abundant doesn’t mean that you should become their helpless victim. The following are some ways to enhance your protection and ensure the intactness of data.

Employee training

Organizations should organize cybersecurity training sessions to create awareness among the employees on how to prevent external threats. Issues like creating strong passwords, information sharing, spotting malicious emails, and other measures must be taught in training.

Two-factor Authentication

It is a security measure that double-checks the user’s authenticity by using two different factors to login to a system, website, or any sensitive account. Cybercriminals can fail to verify the passwords due to the additional security layer.

Phishing Monitoring

Administrators should devise measures to monitor phishing attacks in an organization. Usually, the emails are poorly written with grammatical mistakes with a form of urgency. It is crucial to keep an eye on suspicious links to prevent malware attacks.

Threat Protection

Another efficient way to keep your data safe is to install stand-alone anti-virus software on your PC or business system. Ensure that you purchase the software from a reliable security service provider for adequate data protection.

Regular Backups

You can schedule regular backups for security reasons; cyber-attacks may happen when you least expect, so it is essential to have copies of your files in case of a threat. Also, ensure that you have an efficient disaster recovery plan for easy data retrieval.

Data security is a paramount aspect that ensures the smooth running of businesses. Although there is no security measure that is 100% efficient, it is necessary to take extra precautions. Double-check each procedure and ensure that you do no leave any vulnerable loopholes for the cybercriminals.


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