Know This Before Hiring a Construction Accident Lawyer in White Plains


Among the different types of personal injuries in White Plains, construction accidents perhaps occupy the top spot. Falling debris, electrocution, the ground collapses, falls, and getting trapped between materials are some of the most common mishaps associated with this line of work. New York State has the highest work-related deaths, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2019, there were at least 91 work injuries, with 24 of them being slip and fall. Such being the case, you should hire a White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer who can be depended on in times of emergencies and whenever the need arises. However, there are some things related to work accidents that you should know. Some of them are explained below.

What is Labor Law 240?

According to the New York Labor Law 240, you are entitled to specific safety devices and provisions if you are required to work at high elevations on ladders or a scaffold for the repair or construction of a building. In case adequate safety precautions are not observed by your employer, you will receive workers’ compensation. You can also sue the person or supervisor overseeing the work when the mishap occurred and knew that safety violations had taken place.

Understanding Labor Law 241

Labor Law 241 has a provision for strict liability, also known as absolute liability. That means that the plaintiff (the person making the case against another person) will not have to prove the defendant was negligent. The law will take the injury itself to mean that a safety violation was done, and the law will provide adequate compensation.

Statute of Limitations in New York State

It is essential to know that New York State has a statute of limitations according to which an individual should file a lawsuit within three years from the time of the accident. If a death has occurred, the relative, husband, or someone from the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit within two years. You should know that if you try to file a lawsuit after three years of the accident, the defendant will file a motion to dismiss, upon which the court will dismiss your case.

What Should You Do Post-Accident at the Workplace?

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

After a work-related accident in White Plains, you should first visit the doctor immediately. Of course, if the injury is severe or has the nature of an emergency, you will be taken by the hospital staff to the emergency room. Post-treatment, listen to what the doctor says and everything that they may recommend. You should not return to work unless the treatment is complete.

Report the Accident to Your Employer

The second thing that you should do is report the accident and injuries to your employer. If you delay in doing so, it may have an impact on your financial compensation and recovery. Try to be precise in your report, stating when, where, and how the accident occurred.

Contact Your Injury Lawyer

The third, and perhaps the most crucial thing, is to call your injury lawyer. With their legal expertise and assistance, you will go through the recovery process much more smoothly and quickly since they are acquainted with the legal procedures and documents required in such cases. They will help you with hospital bills, medical bills, and rehabilitation costs. You can expect help and support from them during the rehabilitation process, as they will ensure that you get all that you need during that time. You will also receive financial compensation in terms of lost wages because of missed time from work due to your injuries.

Even though you should have a basic understanding of the labor laws of New York State related to construction accidents, hiring a White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer is indispensable. With them, you can be sure of receiving the maximum compensation.


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