Learning about your heart failure: prevention tactics


Heart disease is one of the most significant causes of deaths worldwide. Only in the United States, about 600,000 of people die from heart disease every year making it ¼ deaths. According to the World Health Organization, 17,9 million people died from cardiovascular diseases in 2016 which was 31% of all global deaths. In other words, heart disease is becoming a serious rising problem of the 21st century.

In the hope of reducing these numbers, medical experts and nutritionists are trying to educate people about the prevention of heart failure and other heart-related problems. To have a healthy lifestyle, it’s mandatory to understand what affects your healthy heart and how to manage it right.

Heart failure

It is also known as congestive heart failure, and it occurs when a heart muscle doesn’t pump blood the same way it did before. Conditions such as narrowed arteries in the hearth or high blood pressure will result in the heart being too weak or stiff to fill and pump as it should. However, heart failure can be treated to ensure you have a quality, longer life. Making some lifestyle changes – exercising, nutrition improvement, weight monitoring, and stress reduction – can significantly improve the quality of your life. One of the most efficient ways to prevent heart failure from happening is to prevent and control these conditions that cause it, with obesity and diabetes being the most common ones.

Physical activity

To be happy, a person needs to be physically active every day. Physical activity is something that impacts our overall health, not just our heart condition. According to several medical studies conducted so far, at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity with moderate intensity can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and keep the body weight at a healthy level. Those who aren’t already active, they should start making changes right now.

When you go for a walk or a jog, make sure you wear appropriate sports clothes. Leave your casual shoes and jump into your comfortable trainers, leave accessories such as your wedding rings, Rolex womens watch or even Breitling one at home, so they don’t restrain you from enjoying your exercise.

Healthy weight

Obesity is becoming a huge problem in many countries around the world. And it’s not just affecting adults but also children. People are unaware of how many unhealthy and wrong ways of losing weights there are, so they tend to choose the one that seems the most appropriate and easiest for them. Unfortunately, fast and rigorous diets or supplements are not the right choice if a person wants to have a healthier life. Aiming for a healthy weight and staying dedicated to that goal can be achieved with good nutrition, calorie intake controlling and physical activities. Also, people with obesity problems are placed at risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and insulin resistance, and many other related issues.

Managing diabetes

Nearly 70% of people under the age of 65 with myotonic dystrophy die of some form of hepatogenous diabetes (HD), and 16% of them die of stroke. Many other risk factors which include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity and extremely low or no physical activity can significantly increase the chance of developing the cardiovascular disease for a person facing diabetes issues. When trying to reduce this risk, a person should gradually start replacing its unhealthy habits mentioned above with more healthier alternative choices such as walking, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking enough of water, etc.

Stress reduction

Stress is the most common cause of almost every disease a person can face during its lifetime. A few studies have shown that coronary heart disease risk and stress can affect the risk factors for heart disease and stroke. For instance, people under a lot of stress might overeat, start or increase their consumption of cigarettes, and so on. When talking about young adults, their stress reaction even predicts middle-age blood pressure risk. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the stress level such as exercising, socializing with friends and family, lowering caffeine intake, etc.


Once you get used to a healthier lifestyle, you will never return to your bad habits. Understanding how these simple things, which don’t take too much of your time, are keeping you safe and healthy from numerous diseases and health issues is crucial. If your current lifestyle is endangering you to become a potential victim of heart failure in the future, start making these changes step by step. A healthy lifestyle leads to a better quality of life in general. Make sure you’re living your life healthy!


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