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There are some things everyone knows to be true about the traditional fast food establishment; you get your food fast BUT… you don’t know where the ingredients come from or how long they’ve been frozen, you know it’s all full of chemicals, hormones, & fake fillers, and flavor is never top priority. It’s a compromise at best for convenience and necessity. Life & Time is here to turn all of that upside-down! We’re here to stand up to the traditional fast food practices and use only the highest quality ingredients, fresh made food in a from-scratch kitchen and we’re never going to sacrifice taste. We will show customers that even a burger, when created thoughtfully and with real, organic ingredients, can be a healthy choice.

You shouldn’t have to choose a questionable meal that’s lacking in nutrients and flavor just because you’re in a hurry. Life & Time will fuel your body for all of life’s adventures, and we’ll do it at speeds that will blow your mind. Whether you’re going to summit South Sister, kayak the Deschutes, bike Phil’s, or simply get your mind right for a long day of work, our real food will keep you strong and keep you going.

Life & Time is a passion project brought to life by Garrett Wales and Mike Moor, both natives of Bend. The free-range concept extends way beyond the 2,600-square-foot restaurant with a drive-thru that will be opening on the corner of SW Century Drive and SW Simpson Ave in Bend later this year. The restaurant concept is a change in mindset that needs to happen, proving that real, delicious food can be healthy and fast.

We’ll be using meat products that are organic & humanely raised without additives or modification. Our ingredients will be grown in nature and not in a lab, and grown by farmers who promote sustainable practices. This will lead to a final product that is good for your body, rich in nutrients, feeds your brain and enriches flavor profiles without additives. The REAL food revolution starts now, and Life & Time is leading way. No longer do you have to sacrifice food quality and healthy eating for convenience or speed.

Next time you’re on your way to get fast food, ask yourself, are you really loving it?

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