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((L-R) Junkless co-founders Adam Jorgensen and Brett Williams | Photo courtesy of Junkless)

Local, Modern Junk Removal in Bend

Junkless is a local, Bend-based junk removal service that puts an emphasis on customer service and modern practices. The founders and co-owners of the business, Brett Williams and Adam Jorgensen, are both young entrepreneurs in their early 20s who founded the business only 18 months ago. Since then, over 200 Central Oregon residents have provided them with five-star reviews, and the future of this young company seems to be a bright one.

As a junk removal service that aims to put the customer first, Junkless offers same-day and next-day services, which also includes heavy object removal like hot tubs, outdoor sheds, pool tables, pianos and more. Additionally, Junkless will make donation runs for customers to ensure that still-usable items find a good home, instead of the landfill.

“18 months ago, we started out with the idea of just helping some of our community members clear away some junk,” Williams said. “We had a few family friends reach out, and that evolved into a few more connections and more jobs. Now, we own our own trucks and trailers, and we employ three full-time employees and six part-time.”

The business operates on a rather simple yet effective four-step program. First, customers can schedule a free, in-person quote that has no strings or commitment attached. Then, a team member will arrive on property and provide the customer with a quote; a quote that will not change should the customer choose to wait and weigh any other options. Once the service is accepted, the team schedules a time to come out, and once the job is 100 percent done, payment is captured with zero hidden fees or additions to the original quote.

What makes this system innovative for Junkless is the fact that it is entirely paperless. In fact, the entire company is paperless, “We wanted to utilize the technology that we have available to us, whenever possible,” Williams said. “From scheduling that first in-person quote and capturing payment to managing our employee schedules, paychecks and everything in between, we’ve eliminated the use of unnecessary paper.”

While the paperless approach is often sought after for its environmental benefits, the main motivation for Junkless to be paperless lies in its founders, both of which are young enough to have grown up in a world full of tech at their fingertips. To Williams and Jorgensen, going paperless and utilizing the tech available to them simply makes sense, “We learned early on that we wanted to set the business up as efficiently as possible,” Williams said, “The goal is to provide frictionless service.”

While going paperless is an impressive achievement, it’s not what keeps bringing in the 5-star reviews. That would lie in the company’s dedication to customer service.

“We’re a customer facing business, first and foremost,” Williams said. “From day one we went at it with the mentality of providing the best customer service possible, and that is our base that we built the business on.”

Williams even admits that there is not much nuance in the junk removal industry, and puts a heavy emphasis on customer relations, “80 percent of what we do will be similar to what other junk removal services do: remove junk. What sets us apart is that often neglected 20 percent.”

That “20 percent” that Williams refers to is the availability of same-day service, polite and professional employees, honest quotes and overall top-tier customer service that treats every customer with the utmost respect.

According to Jorgensen, “We don’t just remove junk—we help our customers find solutions to their problems. Whether it’s helping them sort through their belongings or simply lending a sympathetic ear, we’re here to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible.”

As such a young company, Williams and Jorgensen are mostly focused on ensuring that their day-to-day operations are running smoothly, as opposed to reaching for expansion in the near future and potentially overextending themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that expansion is out of the picture.

“We’re setting up the basis to grow and maintain that level of high-quality service,” Williams said. “For now, there is a huge focus on making sure the existing business is run well. Eventually, we want to grow from a location basis and take our service throughout the Western US. We are doing that slowly over time by growing our brand and expanding employment.”


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