Local Home Security Expert  Launches Next-Gen DIY Smart Home Solution


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With the ongoing presence of the coronavirus and mounting uncertainty, families are seeking peace of mind in more ways than one. As families spend more time at home and an aging population remains more isolated, demand for home security and monitoring services has escalated. In addition, with more people at home, there is a growing trend toward do-it-yourself (DIY) domestic improvement projects, and more uneasiness with in-person, high-touch installation professionals.

With those trends in mind, national home security expert and Bend resident Graham Hausler got busy engineering not only the next generation in home and office security technology, but a DIY installation process that makes smart home solutions easy, intuitive and affordable for everyone right now. A security industry insider, Hausler, who founded and operated Bend-based Atlas Security for 20 years, foresaw the need for a proven DIY security model that would differentiate from old traditional security systems. Welcome Innovate Security for Life.

“The Innovate team is redefining the narrative in the security industry, at a time when most companies are still offering clunky, expensive video surveillance and automation equipment. We are grounded in the fundamentals — and smart technology — to ensure life safety first, and all with the ease of a highly customizable, do-it-yourself solution,” says Hausler. “You cannot put a price on the safety and security of your family, which is why we engineered Security for Life.” 

Customize a Security System that Works for You

Innovate offers an online ordering process that enables the consumer to customize home security and family safety options that meet their needs and lifestyles. 

Innovate’s online security system designer will walk you through the process of identifying the right features and functions for your family. It walks users through their home to identify how many detectors, sensors, video cameras and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors they might need. Innovate security monitoring fees are $29 per month — or less than a dollar a day — with security equipment kits starting at $350. 

Imagine cameras that allow you to answer the door for your food delivery without in-person contact, or remotely check in on elderly relatives with monitors or outfit them with emergency call or panic alert systems; all in addition to protecting your home and family with the security components and monitors essential to staying safe.

As a long-time expert in the security industry, Hausler believes that the security industry has done a poor job educating clients on the value of monitoring for life safety first. In an actual fire or carbon monoxide event, monitoring and the dispatch of fire and medical authorities is how lives are saved. Innovate’s mission is to provide all clients with the best life-safety protection and life-safety monitoring in the industry, protecting the people, pets and possessions our clients truly care about the most.

Innovate Security was inspired by a simple concept: Use innovation to provide professional-grade life safety and security products for home and business; offer continued support; and help customers save money through DIY installation. With a market that is quickly transitioning, Innovate has re-engineered professional grade, cutting-edge systems for easy installation by customers. Innovate offers products that are the most advanced, easiest to install and fully expandable in their class.



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