Local Inventor Revolutionizes Commercial Duct Cleaning


(David Hart of Guarantee Cleaning Services, Inc. | Photo Courtesy of Guarantee Cleaning Services, Inc.)

Ever since David Hart was a kid, he has wanted to be an inventor. He is now the owner of Guarantee Cleaning Services, Central Oregon’s most referred carpet, rug and duct cleaning service, and his success can be attributed to the revolutionary cleaning equipment that he personally invented. So revolutionary, in fact, one can now find his products in every major city in the United States and 19 foreign countries. Thus his second company, RamAir International was created in 2008 to distribute his equipment globally.

“When I was growing up I was always taking things apart to see how they worked,” Hart said. “Science was the only subject that interested me in school.” He was told over and over that if he didn’t get his grades up, he would be “digging ditches for the rest of his life.” While he didn’t literally dig ditches, he worked a lot of dead-end jobs after high school. Feeling that he was meant for something greater, he joined the military in 1990. Upon entering the Army, Hart took an aptitude test, and out of thousands of recruits, was offered to work in Military Intelligence. Because the Intelligence Corps is such a strenuous commitment, and Hart only wanted to be in the military for a brief time, he passed on the offer. After his service spent working on laser guided missile systems, he ended up moving back to Portland. He took up residence sleeping on the floor of his friend’s apartment and walking four miles to his job at a carpet cleaning company. He had an appreciation for the chemistry and ingenuity involved in the industry, and decided on that day, he would start his own cleaning business. In 1998, he moved to Bend and launched Guarantee Cleaning Services; it quickly took off.

Prior to Hart’s invention, there were two main types of duct cleaning equipment: a truck system that costs $100 grand and portable machines that were, in his opinion, subpar. There was also no way for their customers to see the dirt, dust and debris that was being removed from the duct system. “The technician would go in there, make a bunch of noise and leave, nobody would truly know how much or what was removed from the duct system” says Hart. With carpet cleaning you can see the cleaning taking place in front of your eyes. I call it The Wow Factor. There should be a Wow Factor to duct cleaning.” Thus, he created his first invention, The RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System, where you can see the cleaning process taking place though a clear polycarbonate LED illuminated box. “I looked at everything wrong with the existing duct cleaning machines and went to work designing the ultimate duct cleaning system. It’s next-generation equipment, taking duct cleaning to the next level. We don’t just clean ducts, we detail them.” Now distributed internationally, Hart says that it is now one of the highest ranked duct cleaning systems in the world.

He then noticed that the current duct sanitizing process was also inefficient, so he created the SaniJet. Prior to Hart’s invention, duct sanitizing consisted of a liquid sanitizer fog being blown through the cold air return, where the furnace fan would distribute the sanitizer through the system. This resulted in the entire interior of the house becoming saturated with the solution, while little-to-none actually adhered to the inside of the duct walls. Additionally, it required that the home be vacated during the treatment. RamAir’s SaniJet Duct Sanitizing System applies the sanitizer directly to the inside of the ducts by inserting a hose into and through the duct system. On the end of the hose is a teflon ball that disperses the sanitizer in the form of a fog. The furnace system is turned off during the treatment, so 100 percent of the sanitizer goes onto the duct walls. No sanitizer enters the living space. Hart received a U.S. Patent for SaniJet in 2017.

Hart didn’t stop there. He also saw a need for a more effective way to get rid of offensive odors in buildings. His most recent invention, the OzoGen 16g, is an ozone generator used to completely eliminate odors on a molecular level. According to Hart, prior to his invention, the strongest “portable” ozone generator was about the size of a small wheelbarrow costing $8,800 and producing 12 grams of ozone per hour. Comparatively, the OzoGen 16g costs $1,795 and can produce 16 grams of ozone per hour and is the size of a loaf of bread. It is the most powerful Ozone generator in the world. Hart received a U.S. patent in August of 2018. “It’s cool,” said Hart. “Nikola Tesla received a patent for the first ozone generator in 1896, and I have the most recent ozone generator patent.” He says that he has idolized Nikola Tesla since he was a child. He has his own patent hanging in his office next to a framed replica of Nikola Tesla’s patent.

Guarantee Cleaning offers residential and commercial air duct cleaning, servicing many of Central Oregon’s builders and realtors, with such commercial clients as Bend Parks and Rec, ODOT, St. Charles Hospital, Bend Memorial Clinic, Tower Theatre and many others. Guarantee also has a carpet cleaning division and ozone odor elimination division, also using his revolutionary equipment. He also has a 4,500 square foot area rug cleaning plant on Boyd Acres that cleans all kinds of rugs, from synthetic to Persian, Tibetan and silks and offers free pick-up and delivery. They perform restoration to area rugs for most of the disaster restoration companies in Bend. Hart’s inventions have radically improved the cleaning industry and market, and all of his products are manufactured in Bend. He has now been in the carpet and duct cleaning business for over 30 years. A native Oregonian, Hart is testament to the success that comes from focus, determination, vision and refusal to settle for the status quo.




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