Local Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods Expanding Market Share


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Straw Propeller continues to expand into new markets going into over 400 additional Kroger banner stores in May including Fred Meyer, Kroger, Dillon’s, King Soopers’, QFC, Smith’s and Fry’s nationwide. The vast distribution continues with specialty natural / organic channels using such big names as DPI, UNFI, Unified Grocers, FSA, Kehe and Coremark.

In addition to larger retailers coming on board with Straw Propeller, the company has also expanded into the food service market including airports nationwide from Redmond, to Denver, Arkansas and Boston.

Likewise the delicious cereal cups can be found on college campuses nationwide including Oregon, Oregon State, Duke University and most recently USC. In addition, hospitals and health care systems have realized the value of offering nutritious cereals that are convenient for the busy caregivers and is carried at well know hospital systems across the country.

“We are excited and energized by the growth and expansion into new markets” said Julie Leutschaft, VP of Sales and Business Development. “We believe we have a unique product offering that appeals to health conscious individuals who want something convenient, nutritious and that tastes great. Our products are made with clean ingredients including gluten-free oats, non-GMO, 100% natural and kosher certified ingredients,” said Leutschaft.

We also lead the cereal cup industry in that we provide both hot and cold cereal options with over 20 unique flavors. Earlier this year, Straw Propeller continued with the recipe innovation by releasing a global savory line that includes such unique flavors as Indian Curry, Moroccan Spice and Tuscan Herb. These new savory flavors are meant to be eaten for lunch, dinner or as side dishes for the family. Oatmeal is not just for breakfast anymore!

Straw Propeller is a gourmet food manufacturer that sells its products across the U.S. and in 10 international markets. Straw Propeller is carried at large and small retailers including Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, Target, Kroger, Amazon.com, Raley’s, Natural Grocers, Dutch Bros and Roth’s and many others. Straw Propeller also private labels for various large retailers across the nation. The Straw Propeller 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Redmond.


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