Looking After Your Health as an Entrepreneur: A Guide


There are many things at the top of your priority list as an entrepreneur, including building your business, promoting your brand, and acquiring profit, to name a few.

What can easily slip under the radar when you’re working hard to build a new business is your health. Many entrepreneurs may be working a full-time job for an income whilst trying to get their own business off the ground; others may be working non-stop for their new business in order to gain success at a quicker pace.

While all of this is admirable on a professional level, it also runs the risk of business burnout.

What are the Signs of Burnout?

When you’re busy concentrating on your new business, you may be missing key emotional, psychological, and physical signs of burnout. These can include:

  • Physical pain, such as headaches, muscle aches, and stomach problems
  • Feeling stressed
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Inability to perform to the best of your ability, such as with lack of energy or lack of focus
  • Finding it difficult to cope with responsibilities, whether professional or personal (or both)
  • Feeling numb or losing passion for things

How to Look After Your Health as an Entrepreneur

Looking after your health as an entrepreneur is not only crucial for your own wellbeing, but it also benefits your business. After all, you can’t hope to properly succeed in building your startup if you’re not feeling healthy, energized, and in your best shape.

Stay Active

This will help both your health and your stress levels as a busy professional. Finding time for exercise can seem tricky, but incorporate it wherever and whenever you can. Stand up and walk around whilst on a phone call, take your lunch outside and head to the gym during a time of the day when you’re most productive. Setting reminders to exercise or stand up and walk around are also beneficial to extremely busy entrepreneurs.

Ask for Help (Professionally and Personally)

Entrepreneurs trying to build a business and shoulder everything alone are more at risk of burnout. Understand when you may need assistance with your business and your personal responsibilities. For your startup, think about the side of the business you can easily outsource or employ help for, like Pronto Marketing for SEO and promotional aspects or an accountant to handle the books.

If you’re working hard and having less time for personal responsibilities, ask friends and family to help if they can with any tasks or chores.

Have Set Working Hours

Creating a startup business doesn’t have to mean working every minute of the day. It’s important to still have a work-life balance, have set working hours and days off. Try to structure your day around hours you can comfortably work and have a set start/finish time.

Find Your Own Way to Manage Stress

Everybody manages stress differently, so it’s up to you how you best relax. As long as you are making time for relaxation, in whatever way you choose, that’s all that matters. Whether it’s meditation, mindfulness, reading a book, or taking a bath — as long as you incorporate this into your working week, this will help your overall wellbeing.


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