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Since 2018, AFSC has provided fiscal and administrative support that turns ideas into action for the benefit of all who live in Sisters. The organization champions a livable, resilient community and draws from the national model of Domains of Livability as its guide in that effort. Domains cover everything from housing to healthcare, education to equity and culture to communication, so there is no shortage of opportunities for AFSC to make Sisters a resilient, welcoming place for all ages. But, as AFSC founder Toni Landis explains, “What we do have is a shortage of helping hands. Right now, AFSC is run entirely by a small group of very dedicated volunteers and board members. Our ability to have a greater impact in the community is just a math problem. The more committed individuals we can rely on, the more initiatives we can take from lightbulb to launch and make a real difference.”

Over the years, those ideas have taken several forms under AFSC’s guidance; from a long-standing, thriving transportation program, to a neighborhood-based support initiative, to a one-time public awareness campaign designed to mobilize action within the community. AFSC Board President Kristin Turnquist says, “It’s really rewarding to see the impact our work has had in the community, and there are so many great new ideas bubbling up that have so much potential. All of us at AFSC are excited to welcome new volunteers and board members so that every initiative is fully supported and reaches its greatest potential.”

AFSC board members typically serve a two-year term, while volunteer opportunities can range from one-time event support to longer-term commitments. Speaking about board members and volunteers alike, Landis says, “Meaningful change starts with passionate people, and we look forward to expanding our team of change makers.”


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