Make a Small Office Feel Larger


Your office should reflect your brand, and if you’re working with a small space, you’ll need to do what you can to make it appear larger than it actually is. From statement art to better furniture choices, light optimization to well-selected color palettes, your office is just a few steps away from a spacious look and feel.

The Power of Glass
Glass furniture can completely change the look of any space. Using glass office desks instead of bulky, wooden pieces can open up the room and create a clean appeal. Their see-through appearance prevents your furniture from looking too heavy to the floor, and allows the eye to cast through the entire room without running into bulky roadblocks, thereby enhancing the space. Avoid placing your desk in the center of the room, as it can make the room feel more chaotic and chopped up.

Reduce Clutter
The less clutter, the bigger a space will feel. Find better storage for loose papers and files with vertical wall shelves, keep your desk clean and tidy, and avoid overwhelming your area with too many knick knacks. Go through your office and determine the things you have no use for; if you haven’t touched that pen jar in a year, throw it away. Keep the floor as clear as possible, and lay down large area rugs to enhance the illusion of more square footage.

Utilize Symmetry
Try to avoid eclectic mixes of furniture and décor. The more your pieces meld, the more balanced your office will feel. The eye won’t need to bounce around taking in the varying textures, shades, and colors if you find complementing pieces. The easier it is for the eye to take in the entire room, the more expansive it will feel.

Make the Most of Natural Light
The brighter the room, the more inviting it is and the larger your space will feel. If your office has windows, ensure you’re making the most of the natural light it receives. Avoid heavy blinds or curtains and place plants or potted flowers on the window sills to distract from an unsatisfactory view while pulling in the most light possible.

Add Mirrored Surfaces
Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to open up a room. They reflect both natural and artificial light andcan put more focus on the focal point of your choice to create a sprawling feel. You can also utilize mirrors on varied surfaces; whether you stick with the usual wall-hanging mirror or install mirror panels on vertical cabinets, these inexpensive additions will make an amazing difference in any shape of room.

The Right Color Palette
Neutral colors do more for smaller spaces.Generally, the lighter the better. White usually looks the most expansive, and with its versatility it’s easy to find corresponding décor and accent colors.If you’re looking for a little more vibrancy, paint one wall of your office a bolder color for an eye-catching appeal. If you’re looking to step away from white completely, lighter greys, citrus tones, and sea shades can create a larger sense of space. There are also painting techniques that can alter the way the eye takes in a small space. For example, if you’re dealing with a narrow office, consider using regal horizontal stripes to visually expand the area.

Have a Statement Piece
One key component to making your office appear more expansive is a lesson in distraction. Whether it’s loud wallpaper, a statement canvas hung on one wall, or a sculpture that will catch the eye, drawing attention to a fantastic focal point is a sure way to shift focus from the small space in the room. Your statement piece should create a nice contrast to your now neutral paint palette, and feel free to insert some of your personality into this portion of the office for a good conversation starter.

If you’re looking to make a small office into a space will inspire productivity and serve as the platform for lucrative dealings and decisions, follow these guidelines and create a professional appeal in no time.


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