Managed IT Or IT Consultant: Which Is Better For Your Business?


Currently, most professional IT service providers offer managed or consulting services. However, it can be a blend of both services. For new businesses turning to IT support for the first time, it can be challenging to know the distinction between IT consulting services and managed IT services as the lines seem to overlap.

This article is for you if you’re wondering which of the two will meet your needs and help you attain business growth. It will examine each service to help you decide which is better for your business.

What Are Managed IT Services?

It can be expensive to maintain an in-house team of IT experts. First, you need to hire people who are a good fit for the job. Next, they have to undergo continuous training to keep abreast of tech trends and innovations. In addition, this department should be able to juggle providing continuous support for daily operations and planning for growth as both are crucial to attaining your business goals. However, having a full-time IT team may be out of the question for businesses with limited resources.

Most large companies have an in-house team of IT experts who oversee infrastructure management. However, small and medium-sized enterprises or startups may not be able to afford an in-house IT support team. If non-IT professionals are assigned to take charge of the IT infrastructure, they’re likely to have difficulty keeping up with new technology updates and security threats. This additional assignment can also distract these employees from their core duties in the business.

This is where managed IT services can be beneficial for a business. It’s a cost-effective approach to dealing with IT tasks. You don’t have to spend considerable time and resources recruiting IT experts and ensuring they undergo regular training, aside from paying their salaries and benefits. You can opt for a reputable IT company that can provide complete IT services in Santa Fe or wherever you may be located.

More than that, they’re experts in their field. They can take charge of your IT infrastructure and end-user systems or focus on particular objectives such as security, infrastructure as a service, compliance, or proactive risk assessment.

What Is IT Consulting?

To identify the ideal IT service for your business, you need to know what IT consulting is in the first place.

An IT consultant provides expert advice on leveraging IT to help your company improve its business processes and attain its objectives. They’re also relied on to find solutions for particular issues. Consultants provide strategic advice to their clients concerning technology and IT infrastructure and offer suggestions during procurement and selection. Furthermore, they may provide professional technical assistance, such as handling user feedback and training.

The services of a consultant are valuable when there’s an IT project that needs to be undertaken. For instance, a company may need to connect its main office and its retail stores using a custom-built intranet. An IT consultant has the technical skills to develop and implement a solid plan or solution.

Likewise, companies may call in an IT consultant when they wish to upscale to a degree requiring strategic assistance for their IT and related infrastructures. In the final analysis, IT consulting is more than providing strategic advice. It’s also about equipping clients with innovative tools that enable them to deal with real-world technological challenges.

Which IT Services Is Better?

When trying to decide which IT services are better for your business, you need to consider your team, your current IT strategy, and your overall needs.

  • Team: How would you assess your existing IT team? Does your tech team have the ability to manage your present IT needs? Are there crucial tasks or duties that your IT team cannot handle due to a lack of expertise?
  • IT Strategy: Do you have a well-thought-out IT strategy? Do you and others in charge of business decisions trust your present IT systems and management?
  • Needs: As for your present IT needs, do you need more people to help with your IT tasks, or do you require IT strategy and direction?


Identifying the differences between managed IT services and IT consulting services can be daunting. However, as shown in the discussion above, there are specific circumstances where it’s more beneficial for a business to hire IT consulting services. On the other hand, managed IT services may be the ideal solution for some companies.

Therefore, it’s vital to assess your tech team, review your IT strategy, and understand the needs of your business. The choice you have to make depends on your company’s present circumstances. This will help you identify which IT service is better for your business and will enable it to grow.


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