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Here are Cight Solutions, we’re proud to be based in Central Oregon. So proud in fact that much of our marketing is targeted within the state and more specifically in Bend where we are headquartered.

For most businesses, a targeted focus like a specific geography can keep marketing budgets manageable and create an opportunity to be more informed when speaking to your target audience. Here are some ways you can focus your marketing efforts regionally to help grow your business!

Local SEO

If you’re not familiar with SEO yet, it’s important to note that there are two distinct types of SEO. Standard SEO would include keywords that are broader while local SEO is more targeted.

Let’s say you own a bakery in downtown Bend. Consumers searching for “bakery near me” or “best bakery in Bend” would be more likely to find you with local SEO. With standard SEO, typical consumer searches would be less focused such as “best bakery”.

The best part…local SEO generally has a higher conversion rate!

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are more precise in their targeting than traditional advertising methods. While you cannot control who sees a billboard along a highway, you have more control over viewers with digital ads.

While there are generally eight different targeting options for a digital advertising campaign, geographical targeting is one of the great ones! It allows you to ensure your digital ads are appearing to consumers within a specific area.

Because digital format ads can be updated after initial publication, this flexibility allows you to make changes such as targeted geography even after initial publication.

Leverage Local

Marketing to the geography where your business resides affords a unique opportunity to speak more specifically to your audience.

Say you own a local clothing store; you have an opportunity to market cold weather gear more predominantly when you’re in the same geography and understand that you’ve been experiencing more snow days.

Joint marketing is another advantage, allowing you to partner with other local businesses and market your goods or services together. Own that bakery we mentioned before? Perhaps you start supplying your baked goods to a local coffee shop or restaurant. Marketing that partnership and availability of goods at one or both locations provide greater reach for brand recognition.

Central Oregon has so much to offer businesses of all sizes and industries. With tourism statistics continuing to rise, geographically focused marketing helps you reach both locals and visitors alike.


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