Marketing your Business in a Small Town


Living in a small town has its perks. Neighbors are more like family, you know the mail carriers name, and maybe the pharmacist at your local drug store has been the same since you were a child. But marketing you small business in a small town can have its challenges.

The Census defines small towns as incorporated areas with 5,000 residents or fewer. While you may be the only business in your industry in your small town, perhaps your top competitor has lower pricing based on volume and is in a larger metropolis. Competition of this nature can make it difficult to corner your local market.

The good news… there are ways to stand out within a small town that won’t break the bank! Here are four ways to be competitive and get found!

Get Active in the Community

Being seen in the community while being recognized as a business owner is the simplest way to promote your business. Many times, sponsorship or donations afford you the opportunity for advertising. Here are just a few suggestions to consider:

  • Sponsor an event a local school
  • Donate goods/services to a local charity auction
  • Host a community outreach event
  • Have a booth at a local fair or festival

Run Local Promotions

Snail mail isn’t dead! We all still get snail mail advertisements and while they’re not all created equal, they can have impact. Perhaps it’s a monthly coupon flyer or that fridge magnet from a local business, advertising your business through the mail still have benefits. Even better, these promotions and ads can be directed to current clients or prospective customers.

  • Place a coupon ad in a local circular
  • Advertise in a local publication
  • Send a business card magnet with the biggest local sports team’s schedule on it
  • Advertise on a local radio station

Google and Listings Management

When people in a small-town search “near me”, if you don’t show up in search results you’re missing out! An accurate Google Business Profile and well managed online listings ensure your business appears in consumer search results.

Google is the world’s most-visited website and holds the most significant percentage of the search engine market share. The more online directories your business lists itself on, the higher the probability of a customer finding you through a Google search.

Digital Advertising Geotargeting

Digital ads are more precise in their targeting than traditional advertising methods. While you cannot control who sees a billboard along a highway, you have more control over viewers with digital ads. Using geographic targeting allows you to place ads in a specific area.

Set up your digital ads to target geographies in and around your town to ensure you’re adding one more layer of local visibility to your business.

So get involved in the community, provide benefits specific to community members and make sure you’re found online!


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