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Financial technology has been on an all-time rise in the world since we started to live our lives online. Many financial companies have employed digitization to ease transactions between themselves and clients. Some companies, however, outdo others in financial technology, Equfin Holdings is one of them. As one of the world’s fastest-growing fintech companies we thought it’s about time to learn more about what they bring to the FinTech table.

Equfin was set up in March 2012 and has since brought financial service organizations together in various topographical regions. With Rati Tchelidze as Director, Equfin has been developing quickly and consistently from that point forward, with its presence and huge pieces of its pie (market share) in Spain, Georgia, and Ukraine. Its market development has been precise and natural by focusing on consumer access to finance. Equfin has plunged into different business sectors to offer its services, making a statement with the new wave of fintech in the world.

Equfin Develops What Consumers Need

Equfin has built a solid reputation for itself in the world of financial technology.  Their vision is to convey monetary answers for individuals, when and where they need it. They do so by using innovation and technology to address genuine financing issues and offer some incentive to customers, groups, and partners all over the world. With a collection of experienced and well-refined experts, it is no surprise how Equfin is able to provide cutting edge service to a very demanding market. The products that Equfin has pushed forward in the past couple of years have aided their goal up until this time.

Easy availability of funds has become the selling point for fintech and financial institutions to thrive on. This is one of the reasons Equfin has come up with products to help clients ease their way through finances. All products are consumer-centered and aim to ensure that customers are always at ease.

With Equfin, the brick and mortar procedures of banking systems have been taken care of and clients do not have to worry about that. Equfin keeps you in control of your personal finances while building a solid foundation on trust and transparency.

Rati Tchelidze: Fintech Enigma with a game-changing Agenda

The people behind it are what makes a business successful. According to Rati Tchelize, director of a global FinTech company Axios Holding and Equifin, knowledge and constant learning is the key to success. Rati has been quoted saying that his role as a CEO is to be a constantly moving force, always leading the company in the right direction.  As a FinTech entrepreneur with many years of experience within the industry, he has brought a wealth of experience not only to the organization but to the FinTech industry as a whole. He is doing this by building educational programs that bring people into the industry. Through Axios, it provides a wide range of Fintech products and solutions by initiating ideas that will be developed or partnered with other companies like Equfin.

The Future of FinTech Startups

There was a time when banking was hard and the process of controlling finances was very rigorous. The regulations and procedures for doing any financial activity can be tedious but most of those regulations are no longer necessary. Paying bills, managing savings, mortgaging, and loan applications used to take a lot of time to be concluded but now, there is a new era of financial management. As long as there is technical development, new, smart solutions based on financial technology will be needed. Fintech start-ups like Equfin ensure that financial activities are developed in line with other technological developments. With smarter phones, there’s a demand to do more with your mobile phones. Personal finance in this era has added a few more things to its original meaning. Now, personal finance means being able to carry out the financial activities that you would normally have to queue up for, on your devices, and by yourself. FinTech start-ups that come up with unique solutions to real issues will always be needed!


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