Members of inMotion Training Studio Turn Up the Intensity with MYZONE


Members of inMotion Training Studio have been using for almost five months a powerful new tool to assist them in their quest to achieve their health and fitness goals. MYZONE Physical Activity Belts have been available to purchase or rent since February and use personalized readings to inform exercisers of their workouts’ intensity levels in real time on a big screen around the studio as well as the app on their phones.

MYZONE also keeps track that information online so that members can see precisely how much progress they’ve made over time. At the end of every workout clients get an email of their work and points called (MEPS) so they can track their effort and calories.

inMotion has been in business almost 10 years and has continued to offer everything from
circuit training, strength training, HITT, personal training, partner training, small group, TPI-golf training, yoga, nutrition, transformation challenges, weight loss, supplements, monthly free fitness challenges for all of the community, charity events.
Now, through MYZONE, inMotion is providing yet another unique service to their customers: the ability to maximize their own efforts through tracking technology.
“We know that our members want more than facilities and service, they also want accountability.

MYZONE enables this in an accurate and convenient way,” says inMotion Owner
Shannon Segerstrom. “From a trainer’s perspective it’s a no-brainer, because they might only work out with me two days a week, but we can pull up their stats and review what their workouts were like for the three days in between our sessions.”

“Tracking is the future of fitness, and we pride ourselves being on the cutting edge by installing a state-of-the-art system like MYZONE.” We have been using the technology the past 6 months and clients love it! It holds them accountable and they can see their work and results in real time.

That system works by having members wear a heart-rate monitoring belt that sends their readings to screens around the club in real-time. Through a series of personalized, color-coded tiles, users always know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in at any given moment during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results.

Furthermore, this data is recorded within the user’s online personal activity report, accessible either through the MYZONE website or the free MYZONE Lite app, allowing them to log in at any time to see how close they are to reaching their goals.
According to Segerstrom, “MYZONE is the best of sports science made simple for the regular member. Goal setting is the most important part of achieving any desired outcome, and fitness tracking is the simplest and most accurate way of making that happen. If you get your workload done, you get your results, simple. MYZONE holds you to that.”

The system taps into people’s competitive instincts, as well. The more time spent exercising, and the higher the intensity of that exercise, the more MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) members earn. Users can participate in challenges and monthly leaderboards for the chance to earn prizes, all while improving their overall fitness level.

“Challenges and leaderboards make exercise fun – it drives team spirit within the studio, and helps reignite the yo-yo exercisers. It comes down to motivation. That’s what MYZONE is all about. It’s not just about coming in with a resolution to get in better shape; it’s about sustaining that motivation long enough for you to achieve everything that you set out to accomplish and then maintain it. If you’re looking for the edge when it comes to keeping up that motivation, come to inMotion Training Studio and get yourself a MYZONE belt. You won’t regret it.”

We are currently offering a free week to try out inMotion as well as great summer specials on classes and personal training.

For more information on MYZONE, please visit or check out inMotion Training Studio at or email

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inMotion Training Studio
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