Most Underrated Technical Challenges of Streaming Platform Explained


Over the years, a monumental shift has been observed, and such change mainly revolves on how people access and use data and video content. People all over the world can now access broadband internet and different platforms that fit their needs and hectic lifestyles. Traditional TV-watching is no longer limited to TV screens in the living room. Contents can now be accessed through tablets, laptops, handheld gadgets, and more. There are technologies like OTT platforms, IPTV platforms, and more that make this streaming revolution possible.

If you are thinking about starting your own IPTV, OTT, or live streaming business or you’re planning to update your existing business; it’s a must to get yourself familiar with the technical challenges of streaming platforms and the technologies and streaming solutions you can use to solve these challenges.

What are Video Streaming Platforms?

Video streaming is referred to as a technology allowing users to view video contents online even without the need to download the video files first. This can also refer to video content like TV shows, movies, live broadcasts, and online videos generally produced by content creators. The source of these videos and streaming media is called a video streaming platform. A video streaming platform can also be defined as an on-demand online entertainment source for movies, television shows, and streaming media.

Unveiling Technologies that Streaming Platforms Can Use

Streaming media technologies allow on-demand or real-time distribution of video, audio, and multimedia online. Streaming media is simultaneous digital media transfer so that these will be received as a real-time continuous stream.

Streaming platforms play a big role in making every streaming activity or experience a lot better than before, and these platforms can, fortunately, use different technologies for excellent results. Some of the leading technologies that businesses can use in their streaming platforms are OTT, IPTV, and more.

If you are into the streaming business or want to get started in this industry, you definitely need to know the technologies available that you can use. The OTT, IPTV, and other corporate iptv solutions for streaming can be the bread and butter of your business. These technologies can help you build your brand, tell your stories, and engage your audience.

What is OTT?

Over the Top, or OTT, is generally referred to as video streaming services delivering content to users over the internet. This also allows access to live streaming and works more like channels on regular televisions; however, content is mainly streamed through an internet connection and to the set-top boxes or OTT device of the audience. OTT is a great technology you can use for your streaming business. If you create content using OTT, this can be a great opportunity for you to showcase your brand and capture the attention of your audience.

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television, shortly known as IPTV, is a television programming communicated with internet protocol. How does iptv work? Rather than transmitting content through light pulses in radio waves or fiber-optic cable, IPTV sends movies and shows via a standard internet connection. IPTV network provides more flexibility than the traditional satellite broadcast or one-way cable network connectivity. This enables end-users to have more options to interact, control, or personalize their experiences.

Suppose you want to build your own IPTV streaming service, set up a reliable IPTV app or IPTV middleware software. The best IPTV software is available these days, and these are not just flexible and customizable but offer multiple access from smart TV, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices.

Despite the massive advancements in streaming technologies and advanced options that you can use for your business, note that there are technical challenges that people fail to recognize. These challenges are hurdles that the industry may face and might prevent viewers from enjoying the most seamless and convenient video streaming.

The Technical Challenges of Streaming Platform

There has been a significant rise in video streaming platforms and services in every aspect of entertainment and modern work. But despite the essential technological breakthrough in the past years, the technical issues faced by video providers continue. The following are the leading technical challenges of the streaming platform and the ideal solutions you can take to overcome each challenge.

●      Streaming Technology that Doesn’t Meet Specific Needs

One of the common challenges of streaming platforms is wrong streaming technology for specific needs. Streaming is known as a technology used in delivering content to mobile devices and computers over the internet, even without the need to download it. If a streaming technology does not deliver this kind of work and is unable to deliver what the audience specifically needs, then you don’t need this in your streaming platform.

Keep in mind that the technology you must use should meet the exact needs or requirements of your audience. If you are planning to start a streaming business or update an existing one, make sure that you use the appropriate technology or streaming solution that allows your audience to watch or even create and share videos in real-time.

●      Poor CND Region

Video streaming cannot be done without CDN that comes with the right streaming support. Slow clouds, outages, and CDN problems-what appear like stalled or buffering screens to the most viewer is a thing that annoys many users and result in user abandonment and revenue loss. As a content distributor or video streaming service provider, you need to ensure delivering high quality and seamless delivery.

If you want to scale globally while boosting customer satisfaction at the same time, you should find ways to optimize the user experience. Real user measurement, server health, metrics, use, and monitoring of the bandwidth resources can provide you with a good level of control.

●      Poor Apps Opportunity

Most of the time, people want the best video streaming services. If you fail to meet this need, your audience will abandon or leave you. In many instances, poor apps opportunity is one problem that puts your audience’s video streaming experience at compromise. The good thing is that there are special applications these days, such as the OTT app, that you can use. The OTT app delivers video content to your smart TV, tablet, or smartphone using the internet instead of the traditional methods of distribution of satellite or cable. The app allows you to stream videos instantly on your most favorite device.

These are just a few of the many technical challenges of video streaming platforms. Though these challenges might sound negative, especially to those in the video streaming business, they also take these as opportunities to achieve an effective video monetization platform.

Final Thoughts

Streaming platforms are evolving at a quick pace. Publishers, content producers, streaming service providers, and even the audience and consumers demand faster download, greater quality, and newer technologies that can be used in new platforms. If you are interested in the streaming business or plan to update your existing business to a more improved and competitive one, use the best technologies available to overcome challenges and meet your streaming business goals in no time.


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