MyMD Personal Medicine Celebrating Ten Years in Medical Service to Central Oregon  


(Photo: Richard Mac Donell MD PC, owner and founder of MyMD Personal Medicine visits with patients | provided by MyMD)

MyMD Personal Medicine is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and consecrating this milestone by hosting a casino night at a local hotel for their patients.

A small, locally owned, membership-based, concierge practice located close to St. Charles Hospital in Bend, MyMD Personal Medicine patients enjoy unhurried same or next day appointments and no wait times. Services include exclusive 24/7 access to Richard Mac Donell MD PC (owner and founder) who can be accessed via phone, email or text and performs in house blood draws, EKG testing, stress tests and in some cases house calls.

Dr. Mac Donell first launched MyMD Personal Medicine in order to, “bring the medical focus back to more quality time with my patients. In fact, just yesterday a patient mentioned that she felt she had accomplished more in one visit with us than she has in a typical year of doctors’ visits elsewhere.”

He feels that spending five to eight minutes with 1,500 to 2,000 patients doesn’t reflect the proactive approach to healthcare that he is passionate about.

“Our focus,” says Director of Client Services Siegren Johnson, “has always been about maintaining the highest level of service, where the patient comes first. In order to accomplish this, we’ve added staffing and services like a concierge director of client services, more house calls, exclusive membership to a network of nationwide specialty services, pharmacogenetic testing, IV fluids, pulmonary function testing, nutrition, fitness and state of the art preventative medicine counseling, to meet and/or exceed patient expectations.”

In addition to services and staffing additions mentioned above, MyMD Personal Medicine is expanding offerings in women’s health, as well as executive and wellness health profiles.

“We serve people who value their time and put a premium on their healthcare,” says Dr. Mac Donell. “Patients who come to us have been frustrated by long wait times, have dealt with scheduling hassles, poor follow up on test results and the minimal time that they are able to spend with their doctor. Often these patients have expressed their dissatisfaction with the impersonal experience they’ve received elsewhere. MyMD Personal Medicine has over a 90 percent retention rate and a loyal customer following. I’d like to feel that the bond between my patients and myself is built on mutual trust and respect. Handing over my cell number is easy because I see my patients as friends.”

MyMD Personal Medicine is now accepting new patients. Prospective members are invited to schedule a complimentary, mutual interview with Dr. Mac Donell. In order to achieve the highest level of service to patients, My MD Personal Service says its goal is to maintain a small private practice under 150 patients.

MyMD Professional Medicine
2190 NE Professional Court #200
Bend, Oregon 97701

Hot News:  added a director of client services (Siegren Johnson) and celebrating 10 year anniversary of being the longest locally owned concierge practices in Central Oregon.
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