New Developments Pulling Oregon towards its Tech-Forward Future


Oregon has become a tech hub of the United States, with its aptly named ‘Silicon Forest’ being the home of several start-ups and major subsidiaries. The likes of Airbnb, Amazon Web Services, Apple Inc., eBay, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Mozilla, and Xerox all have footprints in the Silicon Forest. That said, it’s not just in the Portland area that tech-forward future is becoming apparent; across the state, new technologies are being embraced and developed en masse.

Since coming into the role in 2017, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler has emphasized the need to integrate technological innovations wherever possible. Continually looking to grow the workforce and wages, as shown by, Wheeler’s stance appears to be rubbing off on the state at large. Oregon’s tech future continues to edge closer from changing the future of transport to new entertainment services.

Powering up the blockchain

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While Bitcoin’s rise to fame was centered on its price and attempts to predict when the infamous cryptocurrency bubble would burst, the truly revolutionary tech involved was its blockchain. Those looking beyond the figures saw a tremendous amount of potential in the blockchain, which is the primary reason why Bitcoin offers such a safe and trustworthy system.

In Oregon, the development of blockchain technology is being treated as a collaboration effort. Many other companies around the country are hoping to present an industry-changing blockchain themselves. The Beaver State, however, has formed the Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio, made up of six start-ups. It seeks to use the tech in revolutionary new ways, as detailed by, with Brave, Chronicled, Concord, Everest, Qiibee, and Patientory comprising the project team.

An influx of new tech-driven entertainment

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After some big strides were made in the industry a few years ago, the modern space of sports betting is very different compared to the last decade. In October of last year, Oregon caught up with the times, building its first mobile and browser iGaming platforms to allow its residents to game the modern way.

Even though the industry is still incredibly young in the US, and especially in Oregon, it’s quickly reached the standard of the most established iGaming market, Europe. Available through computers and mobiles, the leading sites determined by feature the innovative real-time gaming of live dealer games and the ever-popular, ever-increasing jackpots of progressive slots.

Positioning the state for the future of transport

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It’s been on local governments’ minds for a long time, and with 5G becoming a reality in the coming years, self-driving cars and smart roads are set to become a reality. Wheeler has been a very vocal advocate of smart roads in Portland, seeing self-driving vehicles as the future of transport, at least in the state’s largest city.

As detailed by, the Oregon Department of Transport is continually working with companies to develop the potentially life-changing technology. The Office of Innovation has also extended an open invitation to more companies looking to help them develop the application of automated vehicles in the state, with the state ready to start the testing of such technologies.

Oregon continues to embrace technology, from modern entertainment to developing the tech-driven future of the state.


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