New Hardware Shakes Up The Industry!


(Photo courtesy of Yellowknife Wireless)

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that is so obviously superior, you are compelled to look at it. A technology that causes you to step aside and look carefully at the options. Every once in a while, an idea presents itself that is important — so important that you stop what you are doing. An idea that causes you to re-evaluate how you are doing business.

The newest, fastest wireless gear available brings opportunities to service providers. It is allowing the wireless industry to re-evaluate what, how and where service can be offered. It is bringing the ability to provide high quality, fiber-like speeds combined with easy, flexible deployment.

Today we have the new hardware. And it doesn’t end there… In the coming years, there will be a regular stream of high quality wireless hardware to serve metropolitan needs. The high speeds and tiny form factors presents entirely new business opportunities, both for providers and customers.

We’re working on bringing the next generation of high-speed wireless gear into the metro core.


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