New Local Wedding Planner, The Indigo Bride, Receives Recognition in Oregon Bride Magazine’s Best Of 2018


With destination weddings on the rise, it’s no surprise that weddings in Central Oregon are booming and new businesses related to the industry are emerging. With thousands of weddings in the area last year, Bend locals Bree Denman and Marian Weislogel knew this was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. In October 2017, the two created their own wedding planning business, The Indigo Bride, and since then, have set themselves apart by offering a colorful, modern twist to the weddings they stage. Though new to the business, Denman and Weislogel have made quite an impression on the wedding scene, and have booked a host of summer weddings, most from couples out of the area. And, last week, their company was nominated for Oregon Bride Magazine’s Best Of 2018 awards in three categories Best New Vendor, Best Wedding Coordinator, and Best Day-Of Coordinator. Denman and Weislogel encourage local wedding vendors to go online and vote for The Indigo Bride in one (or all) of these categories (for out-of-Portland planners) at by March 9, when competition closes.

The owners of The Indigo Bride make the perfect team. A marriage of precise organizational skills and creative ambition, Denman and Weislogel have, unknowingly, spent their lives preparing to become business owners in the wedding industry. Denman has been a planner and organizer from a very young age, saying, “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t organizing something. From redesigning a friend’s room when she wasn’t watching, which never went over well, or planning parties any chance I got — I’ve always had the drive to plan.”

Weislogel’s story isn’t much different, as she has been a creator and designer from her early days as well. From doodling on everything she owned to sculpting dinosaur busts for fun, she’s constantly expressing herself artistically. Weislogel comments, “I’ve always had the ambition to mesh my creative spontaneity with a people-centric career. My art is inspired by friends, family and the people that I meet. I’m moved to create art that reflects those around me, and I’m overjoyed that I’ve found a way to make that into a career.”

As Denman and Weislogel work together, they’re able to see things from all angles and push the envelope of design. They’ve focused their business model on creating unique and individualized weddings and events and specialize in custom design installations, such as ceremony statement pieces, balloon installations or photo booth backdrops. This duo is extremely eager to create new things and cultivate what hasn’t been done before. Denman adds, “We’re inspired by our couples and the love that surrounds them and their weddings. And, working in this field of romance ensures we’ll never run out of creativity.” • 559-593-3375


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