New Mexican Restaurant, Andale Andale, to Open in La Pine


(L) The owners of Andale Andale are known for their Mazatlán locations in Bend (shown left in photo), Redmond and Klamath Falls that feature “outstanding cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.” (R) Andale Andale will offer a mix of authentic traditional recipes, such as those featured at Mazatlán in Bend (shown right in photo), with new ones that also “incorporate the freshest ingredients possible.” | Photos courtesy of Andale Andale)

“If everything goes right, we hope to open in mid-November,” predicted Salvador Robles, Jr., speaking about Andale Andale (loosely translated as “let’s go, let’s go” in Spanish), a new Mexican restaurant that will be located on the current site of La Pine Inn.

No novices to the industry, Robles, his father Salvador Robles, Sr. and a partner, Daniel Valasco, are known for such culinary destinations as Mazatlán in Bend and Redmond and Ixtapa, which has multiple locations throughout Oregon — all of which “have done very well.” Their most recent joint venture, Mazatlán Grill in Klamath Falls, garners reviews such as “highly recommend” and “everything was absolutely wonderful.”

When the men began scouting for an additional site in Bend, according to Robles, Jr., their real estate broker suggested looking in other Central Oregon towns, including La Pine. “We were impressed with all the construction going on here, and decided that the numbers made sense. We have great expectations.”

As well as plans for exterior refinements and interior renovations such as “all new tables, booths, paint and décor. We hope to add an outdoor patio with seating sometime next year, and will be creating new jobs that will benefit the local economy.”

Robles, Jr. emphasized that, similar to their other locations, “we hope to become your friendly neighborhood Mexican restaurant, known for outstanding cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.” However, he added, “Andale Andale will be a different style, offering a mix of our authentic traditional recipes with new ones that also incorporate the freshest ingredients possible.”

An example, fresh trompo tacos, are made with pork marinated in a combination of dried chilies, spices and pineapple that is then slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie called a trompo (lit. ‘spinning top’) and sliced off as the outside is browned,

And, “although the specifics are still being developed,” the new restaurant will also serve breakfast, one example being breakfast burritos (with ingredients that generally include eggs, potatoes, meat, onions, salsa and cheese wrapped in a tortilla).

“As with our other restaurants,” noted Robles, Jr., “our menu will continually be changing. We listen to customers to determine what they favor — we always want to integrate into the fabric of the community.”

The “labor of love” that goes into creating the cuisine for which Mazatlán and Ixtapa are noted extends to the commitment of the three men to the restaurant field itself. “As with any industry, you always face challenges,” said Robles, Jr., “which in our case is primarily vacillating food prices. We never know what items are going to go up in cost — it depends what happens to the supply chain, and I don’t see any break in sight.

“You have to go with your gut instinct, keep a cool, level head and stay focused,” he continued, “but it’s a rewarding business, and well worth it.”

Andale Andale Mexican Restaurant • 51490 US-97, La Pine


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