Newberry Habitat’s Incredible Work in La Pine


Some amazing people are doing some incredible work in La Pine. With the help of local volunteers and partner families, Newberry Habitat for Humanity (NHFH) uses efficient building methods and local materials to build modest homes which are large enough for the homeowner’s needs, but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Due to a smaller, widespread community, the organization found it difficult in previous years to recruit qualified applicants in an effort to sustain their goal of building one home per year. Fortunately, that’s changing.

Board President Richard Arnold stepped in and established a timeline of goals when he joined the board in 2011. He has also kept his focus on bringing individuals to the Habitat board who not only have a strong business background but also a history of community involvement. The board and executive director represent a diverse yet experienced team that continues to work towards Arnold’s goal of making Newberry Habitat a model affiliate organization, providing hope and housing for deserving families of Southern Deschutes County.

Over the past two years the fundraising efforts have doubled, helped by a new annual fundraising event hosted by Sunriver Resort. The extra funding has not only helped the organization recruit qualified families, but it has also helped pay for the materials to build homes.

Habitat is on track to exceed their annual goal of building one home per year, and will likely build an additional home within a six-month time frame. In Habitat’s 22-year history, this is the most success they have ever experienced.

Newberry Habitat for Humanity, Dwane Krumme, executive director, P.O. Box 3364, Sunriver, OR 97707-0364, 541-536-3234


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