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Welcome to life after the internet revolution. In this new life, your small business can finally benefit from an advanced phone system at a cost much lower than an old legacy phone system. Locally owned Phone Essence, a subsidiary of Coinet (Central Oregon Internet), provides phone systems with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology that make voice communications more flexible and cost effective, even for small businesses.

Coinet has served Central Oregonians for over 15 years, so we know the ropes when it comes to computers and networking. When we started working with VoIP phone systems over eight years ago, we had to learn the technology from the ground up – trouble shooting every problem by bits and bytes. That experience has served us well, and I can now confidently say that we know VoIP technology far better than anyone else in Central Oregon.

Unlike some start-ups, Phone Essence started out slowly. Since VoIP was not well known, our first goal was to master the technology to provide a dependable solution. After several years in the VoIP business, we now have dozens of commercial customers and over a hundred residential customers, delivering more than 50,000 calls per month.  We have a mature, reliable solution, and are ready to offer the performance enhancements and savings to a larger audience.

Who is ready to switch to a VoIP provider? First of all, any business that plans to change their phone system, has problems with their current system or thinks their phone bills are too high, should look into a Phone Essence system. We can show you how using new technology can save you time and money. In many cases, just the cost of moving a traditional phone system will rival the cost of switching to a modern VoIP system. (Investing now in a legacy phone system is just unthinkable).

Until now, really small businesses – like those with between two and eight employees – have been priced out of the most useful features that large companies enjoy. Traditional phone systems do not scale down in cost; for a business with three or four employees, the smallest traditional phone system would often have a capacity of eight or more. Because we eliminate the initial cost of the “black box in the back room,” we can economically provide a robust phone system to small businesses, allowing them to pay only for the capacity they need.

What about small phone systems that can be purchased from discount stores for just a few hundred dollars? You could go there, but what you would get is a “wanna be” phone system – one that lacks many key features and likely is not expandable or upgradeable. For a comparable cost, you could have a Phone Essence phone system with features rivaling a traditional system costing five or ten times more, and that is fully upgradeable
and expandable.

Today you can find VoIP phone systems elsewhere. You can even go online and order a box full of phones, which will usually work. So why go local with your VoIP phone system?  For starters, there are no significant savings in going with an online provider.  (In many cases a Phone Essence system will cost less.)  Second, with an online system you are on your own when setting it up and dealing with any problems.  We have several customers that originally went that route but grew tired of “tinkering” with their phone system instead of running their business. 

Lastly, in developing our system, we have found the vast majority of technical issues we solved had to do with the networking and “last mile” Internet connection.  For that, and to ensure exceptional call quality and dependable service, you really want to have local support.  Add that to our competitive pricing, and we’ve got the online providers beat.

In a nutshell, when you are ready to look into a new phone system, try a local, credible provider. Phone Essence offers the latest in voice communications, with all the features you want and none of the hassles you
don’t want.

Phone Essence  brings the essence of the Internet Revolution to voice communications. Gary Mart of Phone Essence has nine  years of experience with VoIP and can be contacted at 541-389-1299.


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